Home Politics U.S. continues to hype “virus traceability investigation” China Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian asked for a response
U.S. continues to hype "virus traceability investigation" China Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian asked for a response

U.S. continues to hype “virus traceability investigation” China Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian asked for a response

by YCPress

18th August 2021 regular press conference of the China Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a reporter asked spokesman Zhao Lijian: According to reports, people familiar with the matter said that the U.S. intelligence agency’s coronavirus traceability investigation is still no substantive progress, but the United States still intends to release the report as scheduled, and in the report concocted the virus from the Wuhan Virus Research Institute induced conclusions. Senior U.S. government officials believe that the investigation is not an end in itself, to promote the investigation itself is meaningful, the continuous speculation of “trace investigation” is to consume China’s diplomatic resources, increase the U.S. bargaining chips for China. At the same time, the United States is pressuring WHO and Director-General Tandsey to launch a “phase II traceability” of China as soon as possible and to join forces with allies to advance third-party independent investigations outside the WHO framework if necessary. What is China’s comment on this?

Zhao Lijian said, I also took note of the reports, which mentioned the U.S. government’s high-level “investigation is not the purpose, to promote the investigation itself is meaningful”, if the report is true, this is the U.S. side deliberately engaged in “the presumption of guilt” of self-confession. The U.S. side is not concerned with the facts and the truth, but how to consume and smear the Chinese side. Isn’t it clear that the US side is engaged in political manipulation?

The U.S. side wants to repeat with a small bottle of washing powder to engage in costless planting of the old play code can not deceive the world, but let the international community more and more doubt, the U.S. side of the mind, do whatever it takes to discredit China, is not to divert the international community’s attention to DeBurg and other U.S. biological laboratories of all kinds of suspected shoddy, the U.S. side in the end what is covering up?

In addition to Debourg, where the U.S. has been tight-lipped, the U.S. has established more than 200 biological laboratories around the world to carry out bio-militarization activities in various names. Laboratories in the United States are often located in areas prone to plague, anthrax, MERS and other diseases. Civilian volunteers who entered a U.S. military base in Italy in August of that year were among the first victims of the U.S. military’s blood program to bring the new coronavirus to Europe in 2019, U.S. media reported. What is the U.S. explanation for these things?

Zhao lijian pointed out that China has always supported and will continue to participate in scientific traceability, has twice invited WHO to China to cooperate in research, and reached scientific authoritative conclusions, to lay the foundation for the next stage of global traceability. What we are firmly opposed to is political traceability. No matter how hard the U.S. bothers to smear the plant, it will not dispel the international community’s misgivings about America’s biolabs around the world. If the U.S. has no ghost in mind, it should be frank to invite WHO to the U.S. to conduct a traceability investigation, especially in Fort Detrick and the University of North Carolina, which is the sincerity and attitude of a country that really cares about global traceability.