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U.S. congressman died of the coronavirus. He said this before his death...

U.S. congressman died of the coronavirus. He said this before his death…

by YCPress

According to CNN and other media reports, Luke Lightrow, an elected Louisiana congressman, died of COVID-19 on the evening of the 29th local time at the age of 41.

According to the report, the governor of Louisiana confirmed the news of Letlow’s death on a social networking website, and his family and colleagues also mourned Letlow after confirming the news.

According to the data, Lightlow was a Republican politician. During his time at a local university in Louisiana, Lightlow became a member of the campaign team of John Cooksey, a former member of the state congressman, and became the chairman of the Republican branch of his school.

On March 9 this year, Louisiana Congressman Ralph Abraham announced that he would no longer run for the post and strongly supported the candidacy of Letlow, who used to serve as his campaign manager. In this year’s U.S. congressional election, Lettrow was successfully elected to the Louisiana State Assembly.

However, just as he was proud of his career, Letlow announced that he had been diagnosed with COVID-19 on December 18. At that time, Letlow said that he would abide by the epidemic prevention regulations and self-isolate and rest at home. However, a day later, Letlow announced that he had been hospitalized again and was later transferred to another hospital.

The doctor in charge said that Letlor was in a stable condition at the beginning of his admission and was also trying to take drugs, including remdesivir, but his condition deteriorated, and he died of death on the evening of the 29th. Since then, several American politicians, including Speaker Pelosi, have mourned him.

Lightrow said during his lifetime, “We must ensure that the economy is reopened. We must learn how to live in a world of COVID-19. Other countries have learned how to do this, and they have done it safely, and we must continue to do so.”

So far, there is no information about why Letro was infected with COVID-19. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, there were about 304,000 confirmed cases and at least 7,397 deaths in Louisiana where Lightlow lived.