Home World Typhoon “Huangao” transits parts of the Philippines, floods hit a large number of people trapped
Typhoon "Huangao" transits parts of the Philippines, floods hit a large number of people trapped

Typhoon “Huangao” transits parts of the Philippines, floods hit a large number of people trapped

by YCPress

CCTV News : From the evening of the 11th to the early morning of the 12th, this year’s No. 22 typhoon “Huan Gao” transited the Philippines. The typhoon has caused 7 deaths and 4 missing. Affected by the typhoon, the metropolitan area of ​​Metro Manila ushered in a lot of rain, causing the nearby Marikina River to surge, flooding the streets and trapping a large number of people.

Affected by the “ring high”, the river level in Metro Manila, the capital, has skyrocketed. The water level of the Marikina River in the east of the city reached 22 meters, exceeding the highest warning level of 18 meters.

Headquarters reporter Tao Jiale: This is the Marikina River. Through the lens, you can see that the river is very turbulent now, and the river is basically level with the bridge. I am standing in a small park by the river. The park has been covered by river water, and the three cars behind me have also been flooded by river water.

In addition, the flood also caused the roads and communities near the Marikina River to be flooded. Among them, houses on the banks of the Marikina River were the worst hit, and the first floor of some houses was completely submerged by floods.

Headquarters reporter Tao Jiale: I am on a bridge over the Marikina River. Through the lens, I can see that there was a road on my right hand side. Now this road is completely flooded. It is on both sides of the road. The trees were also submerged by the flood, and now only the canopy can be seen. The first floor of the house on the side of the road is also submerged by the flood.

At present, many residents are trapped at home, and the local government has dispatched rescue boats to assist the trapped residents to evacuate.

Victim Jamal: Now we are waiting for the rescue to clean up here. We have no choice. This is a natural disaster.

Rescuer Orest: The water level here is very high, higher than people. Some residents hid on the second floor and are still there. The most difficult part of the rescue is the strong current, which brings great difficulties to the rescue.

The deputy mayor of Marikina said that the government has dispatched multiple rescue teams to take various measures to rescue the affected residents.

Marion Andrés, Deputy Mayor of Marikina: Currently we have set up a rescue center in the community hall. 400 residents have been rescued from this village. We will continue to rescue more residents.