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Typhoon "Huan Gao" killed 42 people in the Philippines

Typhoon “Huan Gao” killed 42 people in the Philippines

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Manila November 14 The Philippine police confirmed on the 13th that the number of deaths in the country caused by Typhoon No. 22 “Huan Gao” that recently passed through the Philippines has risen to 42, and another 20 people are missing. .

The disaster report issued by the Philippine National Disaster Reduction Management Committee said that from the 11th to the 12th of this month, the “Huan Gao” transited Luzon Island, where the capital Manila is located, bringing strong winds and heavy rainfall, causing floods in more than 130 areas of Luzon Island.

Disasters such as landslides and landslides have damaged a lot of farmland, roads and bridges. In Manila, the rain brought by the typhoon once caused many rivers to skyrocket. The low-lying areas of the city were covered with oceans, and at least 40,000 houses were partially or completely submerged.

At present, the floods in parts of Manila have gradually receded, the local government has begun to dispatch large-scale machinery to clean the roads, and some people affected by the disaster have returned home.

The Philippine police said that there are currently about 6,300 police officers participating in the rescue work after the typhoon in the Philippines, and more than 100,000 local victims have been rescued. According to statistics, there are still about 74,000 people living in temporary shelters across the Philippines.

As one of the countries with the most frequent typhoon disasters, the Philippines is hit by about 20 typhoons every year on average. Since October this year, many typhoons have passed through the Philippines.

The death toll caused by typhoon “Huan Gao” in the Philippines rises to 71 UPDATED

Philippine Coast Guard

On November 14, the Philippine police issued a report stating that as of 6 pm on the 14th, the death toll caused by Typhoon “Huan Gao” in the Philippines had risen to 71, with another 53 injured, 20 missing, and more than 310,000 people injured. Evacuate. 

Typhoon blue warning continues to be issued: Huan Gao has weakened to typhoon level

November 15th. According to the website of the Central Meteorological Observatory, the Central Meteorological Observatory will continue to issue a typhoon blue warning at 06:00 on November 15: Typhoon No. 22 this year, “Huan Gao”, has gone from a strong typhoon in the early morning of today (15th). It weakened to a typhoon level.

At 5 o’clock in the morning, its center is located on the offshore waters of Central Vietnam, about 165 kilometers southeast of Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh Province, Vietnam. It is 16.8 degrees north latitude and 107.9 degrees east longitude. The maximum wind force near the center is 12 ( 35m/s), the lowest central pressure is 970 hPa, the radius of the seventh wind circle is 100-200 kilometers, the radius of the tenth wind circle is 80 kilometers, and the radius of the twelfth wind circle is 30 kilometers.

It is expected that the “ring height” will move to the northwest at a speed of 15-20 kilometers per hour, and it will make landfall on the coast of central Vietnam around noon on the 15th (tropical storm or severe tropical storm, 23-28 m/s) ), the intensity weakened rapidly after landing.

Gale forecast: Affected by the “ring high” and cold air, from 08:00 on the 15th to 08:00 on the 16th, the Taiwan Strait, the northern part of the South China Sea and parts of the central and western South China Sea, Qiongzhou Strait, most of the Beibu Gulf, and the coastal areas of Hainan Island There will be strong winds of 7-8, of which the southern Beibu Gulf and the western part of the South China Sea will have strong winds of 9-10, and the nearby seas passing by the center of the “ring high” will have winds of 11-12 and gusts of 13-14.

Precipitation forecast: From 08:00 on the 15th to 08:00 on the 16th, there will be heavy rain (25-48 mm) in the southeast of Hainan Island.

Huan Gao landed on the coast of central Vietnam with strong wind and rain

According to the latest news from Vietnam’s Central Hydrometeorological Forecast Center, this year’s No. 22 Typhoon “Huan Gao” made landfall in the coastal areas near Vietnam’s Ha Tinh Province to Teng Tien Hue Province in the morning of the 15th. 

The maximum wind force at the center of the “Huan Gao” landing is level 8-9, and the gust reaches level 11. 

Windy and rainy weather occurred along the coast of central Vietnam

building roofs were damaged in some areas, and trees fell. Up to now, there is no casualty data.