Home Criminal Two players of South Korean Women’s Volleyball Team were expelled for bullying on campus! Scandals occur frequently, South Korea cracks down on sports violence
Two players of South Korean Women's Volleyball Team were expelled for bullying on campus! Scandals occur frequently, South Korea cracks down on sports violence

Two players of South Korean Women’s Volleyball Team were expelled for bullying on campus! Scandals occur frequently, South Korea cracks down on sports violence

by YCPress

(South Korea’s statutory Spring Festival holiday is from February 11 to 14, a scandal broke out in South Korea’s sports world.

On the 16th, Beijing time, the South Korean Volleyball Association said in an interview with Yonhap that South Korea’s women’s national volleyball team players Lee Dao-young and Lee Jae-young have been deprived of the country indefinitely for suspected of campus bullying. Team qualification.

Lee Doyoung and Lee Jae-young are twin sisters currently playing for Hing Kook Life Club in the Korean Women’s Volleyball League.

Since being selected into the South Korean Women’s Volleyball Team in 2018, the two sisters have gradually taken the main position and participated in important events such as the 2019 World Women’s Volleyball League and the Tokyo Olympic Games qualifiers with the team.

Since October last year, South Korea’s online forums have continuously revealed that the Lee sisters have bullied their classmates when they are in school, such as forcing their classmates and school teammates to make strange movements, and verbal and physical abuse.

As the development unfolds, victims of bullying by the Lee sisters came forward to expose that she had been bullied by the Lee sisters more than ten years ago when playing volleyball in elementary and junior high school.

The victim mentioned a variety of victimization facts, including the posture of motorcycle after losing the ball, collecting money, stomach, punching, hitting the head, etc.

The victim said she would not accept an apology from the Lee sisters, only to immediately withdraw the two from the volleyball circle.

The bullying scandal of the Lee sisters caused a great uproar in South Korean sports.

Under public condemnation, Lee Jae-young issued a statement on social media on the 10th of this month, admitting the incident for the first time and apologized, “Because I was immature in the past and hurt many people, I would like to bow my head and apologize.” Li Duoying, who is under pressure from public opinion, is even suspected to have committed suicide.

The Xingguo Life Club for which the two sisters also apologized to the victim.

Li Zaiying’s handwritten apology letter published on social platforms

As the incident continued to ferment, the South Korean Volleyball Association began to intervene in the investigation and finally made the decision to expel the two from the national team.

Meanwhile, after a coordinated investigation by the South Korean volleyball team, South Korean men’s queuers Song Myung-g-gen and Shin Kyung-sub were also excluded from the national team indefinitely because of violence during school and club play.

A spokesman for the Korean Volleyball Association said that the association will coordinate the next response with the National Volleyball League and strengthen player supervision and education through the Human Rights Center to prevent similar campus bullying and violence from repeating.

South Korean women’s volleyball team has had ups and downs in recent years, but this team has a great influence in South Korean sports, but there are many scandals in the team.

At the 2018 Women’s Volleyball World Championships, the South Korean media revealed that the South Korean women’s volleyball team had a sexual assault scandal before the World Championships. The victim of the incident was a female physical rehabilitation technician in the team, and The man involved is an assistant coach.

Previously, in 2013, South Korea’s KBS TV station interviewed a former national player of the South Korean women’s volleyball team. The player admitted that he had been sexually assaulted by two national team coaches, causing an uproar…

Bullying, sexual assault, violence and other scandals have become a nightmare for South Korean sports circles in recent years. Known as the “Dream Team” of the South Korean Winter Olympics, the short track speed skating team has been rumored many times in recent years about sexual assault and beating scandals.

Cho Jae-biao, the former coach of the South Korean short track speed skating team, was eventually sent to prison for long-term sexual assault on Olympic champion Shen Xixi.

Cho Jae-bung imprisoned for sexually assaulting team members (Screenshot of South Korean media reports)

Since last year, Wang Jichun, a former South Korean judo player and two-time world champion, was arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting minors.

Later, Choi Soo-hyun, a South Korean triathlon female athlete who is regarded as a new star, chose to commit suicide in June last year because he could not bear the long-term bullying of his coach and teammates…

Screenshots of South Korean media reports of Choi Soo-hyun incident

According to a survey data from the South Korean media, nearly half of the South Korean athletes interviewed said that they experienced violence almost every year, and 11.4% of them had been sexually assaulted or sexually harassed.

In addition to the short track speed skating, women’s volleyball and other events mentioned above, similar scandals have been spread in South Korea’s curling teams and even chess courts.

In the face of frequent scandals, although South Korean sports circles are also reflecting and acting, they have generally achieved little results.

To this end, South Korean society has repeatedly called on the government to take active action to introduce more laws and regulations to combat sports violence and reshape South Korea’s sports image.

According to South Korean media reports, on the 16th local time, South Korean President Moon Jae-in expressed regret for the recent sports violence during the State Council, and instructed relevant departments to improve relevant laws and systems to rectify all acts of violence from campus to the national team in a comprehensive and unmissive manner.

The State Council held a special discussion on recent incidents of sports violence and considered and adopted amendments to the Implementation Order of the National Sports Revitalization Law aimed at strengthening the protection of the human rights of athletes, including the establishment of temporary protection facilities in addition to reporting and counselling facilities, isolation of victims and perpetrators.

Some South Korean sports people call for the need to strengthen psychological counseling of athletes and coaches in the face of high-intensity training and competition, especially the increasingly abnormal performance pressure in recent years, establish a close cooperation system, and prevent athletes and other sportspeople from having psychological problems and violent tendencies.