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Two major “battlefield states” in the U.S. election confirm Biden’s victory

by YCPress

Wisconsin and Arizona, the two “battleground states” in the U.S. presidential election, announced the final vote count on November 30, confirming that Democrat Joseph Biden won in both states.

However, the lawyer team of current Republican President Donald Trump still vows to sue for the results.

Arizona’s result also allowed Democrats to regain a seat in the Senate, but which can control the Senate is still to be determined by a second election of Georgia’s two seats.

Biden’s victory was certified by the two states

The Associated Press reported that the results of the Wisconsin Election Commission after the recount of some of the state’s votes were certified as procedurally certified on November 30, indicating that Biden’s advantage over Trump slightly expanded to more than 20,000 votes. Democratic Governor Tony Evers subsequently signed a certificate to end the state’s election process.

Earlier that day, Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs of Arizona and Republican Governor Doug Ducey also confirmed that Biden defeated Trump by 10,457 votes, becoming the second Democrat to win the traditional “red state” in 70 years.

If you want to challenge the election results in Wisconsin, Trump’s team of lawyers must sue within five days, and his camp has promised to file a complaint no later than December 1. They will petition to invalidate about 238,000 votes in Wisconsin. In Arizona, Trump’s private lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis held a press conference on November 30 and insisted that there were irregularities in the voting. The Associated Press said they failed to produce evidence of large-scale fraud.

In Pennsylvania, another “battleground state”, the state Supreme Court rejected the lawsuit filed by Trump on November 28, AFP reported. The state government confirmed the election results on November 24.

Judging from the current state vote count, Biden deserves 306 electoral votes and Trump deserves 232 votes. AFP said it was “almost certain” that the electoral college would formally confirm Biden’s victory when it met on December 14.

The distribution of power in the Senate is pending

Arizona’s election results also show that Congressional Senate candidate and Democrat Mark Kelly defeated Republican Martha McSally to win a seat.

Mark Kelly, a former American astronaut, and his identical twin brother Scott Kelly participated in a study hosted by NASA to explore the impact of space life on human genes. During this time, Scott worked on the International Space Station for a year, while Mark continued to live on the earth. The results show that long space travel may change the expression of the genes and pose multiple health risks, but not the genes themselves.

Mark Kelly is scheduled to be sworn in on December 2, according to the German News Agency. This means that before the new Congress takes office in January next year, Republicans will hold 52 seats in the 100-seat Senate, one less than before. This may have some impact on the appointments arranged before Trump leaves office.

However, the final ownership of the dominance of the new Senate needs to be determined by the second election of the Senate seat in Georgia. In the second election, when no candidate has a majority of the vote, the election must be held again. Dems News Agency analyzed that if Democrats win two seats, they will “tiate” with Republicans in the Senate, and can gain a comparative advantage from next year with the key vote of Vice President Kamala Harris. However, it is not easy to win all two seats.

Reuters reported that controlling the Senate implied the right to approve or hinder the appointment of personnel in Biden’s new administration. Georgia’s second election is scheduled for January 5 next year. Ocean) (Xinhua News Agency Special Feature)