Home Politics Two Japanese warplanes had an air accident
Two Japanese warplanes had an air accident

Two Japanese warplanes had an air accident

by YCPress

According to Japanese media reported on the 22nd, japan’s two F2 fighter aircraft in the afternoon during flight training in the air accident, the accident did not cause casualties.

Reported that the two aircraft belonging to the Fukuoka Prefecture Tsukiji base, the same afternoon in the flight training in Yamaguchi Prefecture near Huawei Mountain, one of the front end of the aircraft and the vertical tail of another fighter aircraft in contact, resulting in a vertical tail of a lamp and other devices fell into the forest below. There have been no reports of casualties from the crash.

Reported that the accident occurred, a warplane also had a cameraman to take pictures of the aircraft formation flight accompanied. The two aircraft returned to their bases about an hour after the accident. The accident may have been caused by an operational error, the specific cause of which is still under further investigation.

Japan’s Air Self-Defense Force began to introduce F2 fighter jets in 2000. Developed jointly by Japan and the United States, the aircraft is available in single- and two-seater aircraft. In November 2018, two F2 fighter jets collided in mid-flight at Tsukiji base in Japan, causing damage to the fuselage.