Home Tech Twitter blocked a large number of accounts for India.
The Indian government asked Twitter to ban some accounts. Twitter said it would not fully comply.

Twitter blocked a large number of accounts for India.

by YCPress

According to India’s New Delhi TV and the Times of India, the number of accounts blocked by Twitter related to the outbreak of farmers’ protests in the Indian capital yesterday is as high as 300 to 500.

According to these Indian media, these accounts were blocked by Twitter for inciting violence and spreading false news.

The Times of India also said that as early as Sunday, the police in New Delhi, India, warned that more than 300 Twitter accounts had been created to incite Indian farmers to make trouble on yesterday’s “Republic Day” in India.

At present, according to the feedback from Indian netizens, most people support Twitter’s move to block these accounts.

Some people also think that this blockade came too late and should be done before yesterday’s conflict.

And some supporters of Indian Prime Minister Modi even think that opposition politicians who support Indian farmers should be banned.

However, some Indian netizens accused Twitter of “miskilling” many “innocent” accounts, saying that these accounts only expressed some views on yesterday’s protests and did not violate the regulations, and hoped that Twitter could unblock them.