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Twitter account blocked, Trump’s departure is “quiet”

by YCPress

The current President of the United States, Trump, will officially step down on the 20th local time, and he rarely speaks in the last days of the White House, which seems a little “quiet”, largely due to the ban on his Twitter account on January 8.

According to the Capitol Hill, the outgoing president usually makes a lot of information public in the last few weeks to guide public discussion about his political legacy and political achievements.

But Trump is contrary to tradition, and his presidency ended in two impeachments in Congress.

According to the report, Trump will not attend the inauguration of President-elect Biden on the 20th.

He will leave Washington, D.C. that morning for a military ceremony at nearby Andrews Air Force Base, and then go to his Mar-a-Lago Estates in Florida.

Trump’s advisers said that Trump will stay in Florida for a long time, and he will have a small number of close allies around him to plan the next step.

Trump’s allies believe that although some people in the Republican Party want Trump to disappear from the public eye, Trump will still have lasting influence in the Republican Party and American politics after leaving office.

The Hill analyzed that the inability to use social media platforms limits Trump’s ability to convey information and creates uncertainty about his influence after leaving office.

But senior advisers to the Trump campaign said it was “too early to determine how to move the political process forward after Trump leaves office.”

A recent poll released by the Pew Research Center found that only 29% of Americans approve of Trump’s presidential work.