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Turn your imagination! CIIE Show Show reveals a technology

Turn your imagination! CIIE Show Show reveals a technology

by YCPress

Chinanews client, Shanghai, November 6th (Reporter Wu Tao) The 3rd China International Import Expo (hereinafter referred to as the “International Import Expo”), 88 carat mysterious black diamonds, gold supercars, Lezao planet, giant down jackets, ” The “dark” food and other items are eye-catching, and the exhibitors’ “housekeeping” exhibits reveal a technological dimension behind the exhibits.

rare! The 88-carat black diamond shows its debut in China, less than 10 times in total

After all the calls came out, as one of the “star” exhibits of the third CIIE, this 88-carat, 57-faceted black diamond appeared at the CIIE on the 5th and opened its first show in China.

According to reports, this diamond was originally owned by the Karlov family in medieval Europe and named after the noble surname. It was listed as one of the top five black diamonds in the world. It later became the treasure of the French Carlov jewelry brand. Less than 10 times. The current valuation is about 37 million U.S. dollars.

Tens of thousands of Lego pieces put together a “planet”

The Lego planet displayed by Lego is 2.7 meters high (including the base) and has a spherical shape of 2 meters in diameter. It was built by 9 Lego model builders in 242 hours and then installed in 51 hours. The device contains a total of 62,750 Lego bricks, with a total weight of 106 kg.

The Lego Planet shown by Lego. Photo by Wu Tao, China News Service

According to the staff, there are still creative mini-models created by 100 Chinese children from Shanghai, Changsha and other places on the Lezo planet. Among them, there are time-space shuttles that can move instantaneously, super spaceships that collect cosmic energy, and communicators that can communicate with aliens after wearing them… These creative and interesting works show the children to the world. Strong imagination.

“Golden Supercar”, only 10 units in the world

When it was in peace, the “supercar” was very eye-catching, but at this CIIE, a “golden supercar” came, which was breathtaking.

“Golden Supercar” is on display. Photo by Kang Yuzhan of China News Service.

In the auto showroom, German supercar manufacturer Apollo brought its brand new supercar-Apollo Intensa Emozione (Apollo IE), which uses a gold color-changing paint.

It is understood that this is an all-carbon fiber mass-produced supercar. In terms of power, the 0-100km/h acceleration time is only 2.7 seconds, and the top speed can reach 333km/h. According to the staff, this supercar is priced at US$3 million and is limited to 10 units worldwide.

You can “eat” skin care products, please try

In ancient times, Baoyu ate rouge, and now some companies are also targeting the field of skin care products that can be “eaten”. At the CIIE, some companies displayed color-changing lipsticks, which are refined from beeswax and are said to be “eaten”.

There are also some cleansers, essences, eye creams, essence creams, facial masks, and children’s wash kits, all of which incorporate natural honey essence.

However, these cosmetics must not be eaten as food, one of the reasons is the cost.

Atrial fibrillation radiofrequency ablation catheter, which can destroy abnormal heart disease in 4 seconds

At the CIIE, Johnson & Johnson showcased 1 “Asian Premiere” and 21 “China First Show” products, which are too “show”. For example, its world’s first show of Aishiwei Kuaiweiqir anti-stab stitches was independently innovated by the Johnson & Johnson China R&D team and equipped with Aishiwei anti-stab needles on the fast-absorbing quick Vicryl suture line to reduce the risk of midwives. Risk of needlestick injuries.

Johnson & Johnson’s China debut product also includes a high-power short-term atrial fibrillation radiofrequency ablation catheter QDOT MICROTM. According to reports, its unique 90-watt ablation mode can destroy abnormal heart disease in only 4 seconds, which will shorten the operation time of atrial fibrillation, improve the efficiency of the operation, and make the treatment of atrial fibrillation enter a relaxed and efficient era.

Beauty customization machine, everyone becomes an Internet celebrity

At the CIIE, a beauty customization machine attracted attention. The machine can analyze the facial features of people by taking pictures on the spot, and automatically customize suitable makeup for people.

The machine can also match the color numbers of lipstick and eye shadow. In the future, people can quickly choose their favorite makeup without relying on the cabinet to try makeup.

Black chewing gum, dare you try it?

During the CIIE, Mondelez released Cadbury’s 30% reduced sugar chocolate for the first time in China. It also showcased BournVita, which was launched for women’s health without added sugar, promotes bone health and supplements iron, and strengthens the required 13 vitamins and minerals. Brewing drinks.

Black chewing gum. Photo by Wu Tao, China News Service

More powerful in the back, it is understood that on the 6th, the first all-black chewing gum in the history of the Hyunmai brand-Hyunmai carbon black sugar-free chewing gum will be released. It has a black appearance and has a refreshing mint flavor and an ice lemon flavor Icy taste.

The world’s first probiotic for mothers, which can reduce mastitis during lactation

On the 5th, Danone Nutricia’s Ayunmei live probiotics products appeared at the CIIE. According to reports, this is the world’s first probiotic for mothers, which can effectively help mothers to breastfeed with high quality and lasting breast milk.

Mother probiotics release site. Photo by Wu Tao, China News Service

Danone Nutricia’s research lasted for nearly a decade and was about Lactobacillus salivarius and lactation mastitis. Studies have found that the probiotic “Lactobacillus salivarius PS2” in breast milk can improve the microecological imbalance of breast milk and significantly reduce the incidence of breast-feeding mastitis by 59%.

Giant down jacket, a baby elephant can wear it

Uniqlo participated in the CIIE for the first time and specially customized a giant down jacket for the CIIE, which was just shipped from Japan. How big is the giant down jacket? Put it this way, it feels like a baby elephant can wear it.

Giant down jacket. Photo by Wu Tao, China News Service

Uniqlo also showed how to knit a dress with a thread for 1.5 hours. According to reports, the advantage of this dress is that there is no thread on the cuffs and neckline, so it is smoother to wear, and there is no cutting and sewing effect, which saves clothing to a greater extent.

Michelin’s “black technology” makes tire blowout history

Michelin Tire, which participated in the CIIE for the first time, brought two “black technology” products.

Michelin Asia’s first uptis non-inflatable, puncture-proof tires make flat tires history. Photo by Zhang Hengwei

Among them, the breakthrough structural design of Uptis, the first in Asia, for inflation-free and puncture-resistant tires, eliminates the risk of flat tires and punctures; the other Vision innovative concept tire has non-inflation, interconnection, 3D printing and 100% Recyclable and other features.

After reading these, is it possible to hold back the excitement? I want to get it in my pocket, so what are you waiting for? Come to the Expo and feast your eyes on it.