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Turkmenistan’s epidemic prevention, the President strongly promotes “drug fumigation”

by YCPress

As one of the few “zero confirmed cases of COVID-19” in the world, how does Turkmenistan prevent epidemics? According to a report by Swiss newspaper 20 Minutes on the 21st, the way to avoid the disaster of the epidemic is “national drug fumigation”.

According to the report, there is a kind of camelplum in Turkmenistan that is magical. It is called “Uzlik” (meaning cure all diseases) by the locals. People light its stems and leaves and let smoke twist around their faces and bodies to prevent diseases.

Even President Berdmukhamedov of Turkmenistan personally stood for him, saying that it was through the drug effect of Uzlik that the country was able to escape the invasion of the novel coronavirus.

According to the report, during the world’s first large-scale outbreak in March this year, Berdmukhamedov ordered people to carry out fumigation prevention and praised Uzlik’s ability to kill bacteria and viruses.

Since then, the price of Uzliq has been rising, and has so far increased fivefold. The World Health Organization recognizes that traditional therapies are “valuable medical resources” in many countries, but refuses to evaluate whether long-term fumigation will have adverse effects on the human body.