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Turkish Defense Minister condemns U.S. sanctions against Turkey

Turkish soldiers will be deployed in Azerbaijan “very soon”

by YCPress

November 21st Turkish Defense Minister Akar said that after the resolution to send soldiers to Azerbaijan was approved by the Grand National Assembly, the relevant preparations had been completed.

As required by this resolution, Turkish soldiers will begin their missions in Azerbaijan as soon as possible. Acar also revealed that the Turkish parties are negotiating with Russia.

“We have done everything we need to protect all the rights and interests of our brothers in Azerbaijan.”

On November 16th local time, the Turkish Presidential Palace submitted a bill to send a peacekeeping force to Azerbaijan to the Turkish Grand National Assembly for a period of one year. On the 17th, the bill was passed by the Grand National Assembly.

On November 11th, local time, Turkey and Russia signed a memorandum of understanding that Turkey and Russia will establish a joint center in the “liberate territories of Azerbaijan” to supervise the ceasefire process in Naka and prevent the recurrence of conflict.