Home Business Turkish containers are “difficult to find” and international transportation prices have soared
Turkish containers are "difficult to find" and international transportation prices have soared

Turkish containers are “difficult to find” and international transportation prices have soared

by YCPress

Turkey is one of the largest producers of textiles and clothing in the world, and more than half of its textile products are sold abroad.

However, affected by the pandemic this year, many ports in the world cannot function normally, resulting in the poor flow of containers scattered around the world, and Turkish foreign trade enterprises are trapped in the dilemma of “one container is difficult to find”.

The poor flow of containers and the rise in international freight prices are also major problems faced by local freight companies under the pandemic.

District is a famous textile foreign trade hub in Istanbul, with more than 7,500 enterprises. However, under the pandemic situation, these enterprises have not only fallen into the dilemma of falling foreign trade sales orders, but also have problems in international freight transportation.

Sales Manager of Clothing Store Seckley: The number of shipments has declined a lot. For example, before it could be shipped at least three times a week, but now it may not be possible once a week. Delivery is getting slower and slower.

This clothing foreign trade company, which has been open for 15 years, exports its products to Central Asian, European and American countries. Since the outbreak of the pandemic in March this year, turnover has fallen by at least half. After opening up online sales channels, business has finally improved, but now I’m worried that orders can’t be sent out. And this is also a common problem faced by many Turkish foreign trade enterprises now.

Abdullah, General Manager of Denisch Freight Company, Turkey: The main problem is that containers sent to other countries cannot come back, because ports in many countries cannot function properly due to the pandemic.

Some have even been shut down, so the incoming goods can only handle customs clearance procedures, but no one can unload and empty the container and send the container back.

Goods sent to countries in Europe, the United States and other regions are piled up in the cargo hold waiting for scheduling. The freight company, which ranks among the top three local transportation companies in Turkey, has experienced a sharp decline in foreign trade freight volume this year due to the pandemic.

Last year, it sent about 2,600 containers, but so far this year it has sent less than 1,100 containers. In addition, the rising freight price has led to an increase in freight costs, which has also doubled the pressure on many local freight companies.

Abdullah, General Manager of Denisch Freight Company in Turkey: The increase in freight prices has a great impact on us. Freight prices have increased about two to three times, and even four times for a period of time. I think this trend will continue.

Turkey is an important port and transit point for freight transportation between Asia and Europe, the Middle East and Europe, and the freight industry has been hit hard by the pandemic.

Recently, the pandemic rebounded seriously in many European countries, and Turkey’s increasing number of cases is also growing at an alarming rate during this period. Industry analysts believe that in the short term, both foreign trade and international freight shipments may continue to face severe tests.