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Turkey extends the exploration ship operation period until the 29th

by YCPress

Turkey’s “Oruchi Reis” exploration vessel sent to the Eastern Mediterranean was originally scheduled to end operations on the 23rd. However, the earthwork announced on the 21st to extend the operation period of the ship again.

The Turkish Navy said in a statement that day that the “Oruchi Reis” will extend its operations for 6 days until the 29th.

The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs subsequently issued a statement condemning the Turkish move as “illegal” and “further undermining the prospects for constructive dialogue between the two sides.”

Turkey has disputes with Greece and Cyprus over maritime delimitation and resource ownership in the Eastern Mediterranean. The earthwork dispatched the “Oruchi Reis” to the Eastern Mediterranean Sea on August 10 for operations and sent warships to escort. The exploration ship was withdrawn in mid-September, and the exploration ship was sent to the Eastern Mediterranean again on October 12. The operation period has been extended to date. As the “Oruchi Reis” operation area is located in the disputed waters between Turkey and Greece, the earthwork exploration is strongly opposed by Greece.

Turkey has been seeking to join the European Union. The European Union supports member countries Greece and Cyprus, has repeatedly urged Turkey to stop exploration and threatened to impose sanctions.

Many media reported that EU leaders will decide at the December summit whether to impose sanctions on Turkey. (Liu Jiang) [Xinhua News Agency Wei Feature]