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Tunisian presidential palace received a suspected poison letter

by YCPress

Tunisia, January 28 The Tunisian presidential palace issued a statement on the 28th, saying that the presidential palace had received an anonymous letter a few days ago, and the person who opened the letter later felt unwell and was sent to hospital for treatment.

The statement said that the presidential palace received an anonymous letter to President Said on the 25th.

Akasha, the head of the presidential palace, immediately developed headache, dizziness, blurred vision and other symptoms after opening the envelope, and was then sent to the hospital for treatment.

An employee of the presidential palace who was with Akasha at that time also felt uncomfortable, but his symptoms were slightly mild.

The statement said that the anonymous letter had been handed over to the Ministry of the Interior for a laboratory investigation, and it was not yet possible to determine what substance caused the unwellness of the letter opener.

In a statement, the presidential palace stressed that Said did not have access to the letter and that he was in good health.

Tunisian Prime Minister Mehihi said on the 28th that this was a serious crime and that the government would make every effort to investigate and arrest the murderer.