Home Politics Trump’s wife will set up a “post-White House office”
Trump's wife will set up a "post-White House office"

Trump’s wife will set up a “post-White House office”

by YCPress

January 28th According to CNN on the 27th, Melania, the wife of former US President Trump, will set up a “post-White House office” in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Three former White House employees are expected to join. Previously, some American media said that Trump had set up an official “former president’s office”.

It is reported that Melania set up an office to maintain the BE BEST initiative.

The initiative, which was proposed by Melania as First Lady, aims to draw attention to children’s emotional and physical development, focusing mainly on child development, social media use and opioid abuse.

Melania is looking for separate office space in Palm Beach County.

According to the website of the daily The Hill, on the 25th local time, Trump set up an official “Office of the Former President”, which set up a platform for his future public appearances and statements.

The former president’s office” will be responsible for managing Trump’s letters, public statements, appearances and official activities.