Home Politics Trump’s team called on its supporters to donate money to a “lawsuit,” but …
Trump's team called on its supporters to donate money to a "lawsuit," but ...

Trump’s team called on its supporters to donate money to a “lawsuit,” but …

by YCPress

While busy launching “legal challenges” in various states to achieve “recounting”, the Trump campaign also called on its supporters to actively donate money to help Trump raise litigation costs. However, Reuters quoted fundraising documents on the 12th but broke the news that any donations less than US$8,000 will not be used in election litigation, but will be transferred to another account of the Trump team. Used for “other priorities”.

Reuters: Donations below $8,000 will not be used for Trump’s election litigation, but will go to the presidential team and the Republican National Committee

According to reports, the Trump campaign team will send emails about fundraising activities to the emails of its supporters. Click the link in the email and the page will jump to a website called “Official Election Defense Fund”. According to the report, the website asked supporters to donate to “protect the election results and continue to fight after the election day.”

Screenshot of the homepage of the “Official Election Defense Fund” website

However, after a legal review of the documents related to the fundraising activity, Reuters found that any “small donations” donated by Trump supporters would not be used for the costs of election litigation.

Reuters quoted the fundraising documents as saying that donors must donate more than US$8,000 before the money can be transferred to an account called “recounting.” As for those donations less than US$8,000, the report said that the rules have clearly stated that this part of the funds will be used for “other priorities.”

According to reports, “a large part of the funds” went to the “Save America” ​​Political Action Committee (Save America PAC) and the Republican National Committee (RNC). It is reported that the “Save America” ​​Political Action Committee was just established by the Trump team on the 9th of this month.

Reuters also said that any donations below $8,000 will be transferred to the accounts of the two committees in proportion. For example, if a supporter donates 500 US dollars, 300 US dollars will be transferred to the “Save America” ​​Political Action Committee, and the other 200 US dollars will be transferred to the Republican National Committee. The “recount” account will have “no cents.”

It is not yet clear how this part of the funds will be used, but Reuters said that the two organizations have “very free space” on how to use the money. The report also mentioned that such committees are usually set up by well-known politicians with the purpose of “spending money” for presidential candidates and paying for their personal expenses, such as travel and hotel accommodation.

According to reports, as of now, the Trump campaign, the Republican National Committee, and the “Save America” ​​Political Action Committee have not responded to Reuters’ request for comment.

At present, Trump still refuses to admit defeat. November 9th is the day when Trump announced that he would officially launch a “campaign legal war.” According to media reports, in addition to preparing for legal proceedings, he will also launch a series of rallies, possibly showing “obituaries of some voters in the election.” To prove that “his second term is being stolen.” However, the U.S. media is generally not optimistic that Trump can win the lawsuit, and even the Republican Party’s views on the matter are openly divided.

Trump’s personal lawyer Giuliani told Fox News on the 8th that in addition to the existing lawsuits in Pennsylvania, two other lawsuits are being drafted. The new legal proceedings will be centered on three aspects: the obstruction of mailed ballot statistics observers, the existence of deceased votes, and “backfilled” ballots. He predicted that a total of 10 lawsuits might be filed.