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Trump’s people encounter “professional discrimination”

by YCPress

After years of work experience in dealing with difficult government crises, former White House staff can usually take up senior positions after leaving office.

But this year’s White House employees are different. Some people in Trump’s circle are despised and treated coldly when looking for jobs.

Business Insider learned from a public relations headhunter on the 15th that his company has received job inquiries from at least 15 White House people, who have accepted six as clients.

But as a result, no one can get an interview with the company they apply for.

“It’s really hard,” the headhunter said. “You should put anyone who’s qualified for work, but morally, it’s hard for someone to be willing to work with them.”

“All of them are narcissistic and think that any company in this country wants to hire them. I heard one of them say 20 minutes and everything he told me was nonsense.” The headhunter added.

Randall Lane, chief content officer of Forbes magazine, said he did not recommend hiring any of Trump’s four press secretaries.

A mainstream news network executive told Business Insider: “We will not accept people who are not credible, except Fox News, OAN and Newsmax, which rarely have real value.” Observer Network Note: All three of the above are conservative media in the United States)

“They’re not going to be TV commentators soon,” Rosen, vice president of public affairs and political consulting, told “the inside story” about the Trump media team’s prospects. …

There is a view that the company is most worried about their public reputation, which is true, but in fact they also worry about their employees. So if doing so causes disgust among employees, it is not worth hiring these bad-known people to represent the company.

Advertising giant WPP Group’s Boya Public Relations (BCW) said that the company has always had the habit of recruiting from government departments and will continue to do so, but they “have no plans to recruit employees from this government at present.”

However, not all White House staff have problems finding jobs.” According to Business Insider, Kevin Marino Cabrera, the Florida head of Trump’s team, recently tweeted that he was joining the Mercury Public Affairs Group of Hongmeng Group, but the tweet caused a lot of controversy on Twitter. Guancha.com found that all tweets of Cabrera’s Twitter account are currently in a “protected” state and cannot be inquired.

White House staff, I have been worried about work for a long time…

According to Politico News Network, after Trump supporters violently stormed Congress, Trump administration officials began to worry about their careers.

“It’s clear that the hardest thing in this matter is the people who are putting their reputation and political, financial and career wealth on defending the president, and the president is just making our situation even harder,” said a low-ranking official.

After seeing Trump incite protesters to storm the Capitol, many White House officials are weighing whether they should resign. Many officials who strongly support Trump scoff at the resignation. In their eyes, working for Trump should have a good understanding of scandals and long-term patience.

Many of the people who choose to stay, except for Trump’s staunch supporters, consider job welfare. For example, if they resign voluntarily, their paid leave opportunities will be wasted; if they leave before the official departure date, they will lose their unemployment benefits before finding a new job.

However, judging from their current job search, Business Insider said that those who oppose Trump are better at finding than those who support Trump.