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Against Biden, Trump is brewing a big game of chess

Trump’s “loss” is big now

by YCPress

Spending 3 million USD to recount the votes, but Biden netted votes. Trump tweeted and complained, and netizens’ comments were extremely ironic!

“We found a lot of illegal voting. Stay tuned!” Seeming to be dissatisfied with the results of Wisconsin’s recount, Trump tweeted the above-mentioned “foreseek” on the 28th, saying that he would continue to challenge the state’s votes. The comments of netizens on Trump’s “hard-mouthed” statement are also extremely ironic.

According to US media reports, after losing to Biden with more than 20,000 votes, the Trump campaign spent $3 million on the 18th of this month to demand a recount in Milwaukee and Dane counties, Wisconsin. The Milwaukee County Board of Elections announced after completing the recount that the latest results showed that Trump had 134,482 votes and Biden had 317,527 votes. Compared with the previous recount, Biden added 257 votes, Trump added 125 votes, and Biden added 132 votes net. Wisconsin will finally confirm the vote count next Tuesday (December 1).

On the 28th local time, Trump tweeted: “Recounting Wisconsin is not to find out the mistakes in the count, but to find out the people who voted illegally. This case (challenge) will be initiated after the recount is completed on Monday or Tuesday. We found a lot of illegal voting. Stay tuned!”

Soon, Trump’s tweet was tagged on Twitter, saying: “This claim about election fraud is controversial.”

Under Fox News’ report on this tweet, the comments of netizens are a little ironic.

Someone said: “From the way Biden continues to expand his lead, the illegal votes found by Trump seem to be cast for his own votes. When Trump began to ‘crying’ about recounting votes, he lost only 3 million votes; now, he has lost nearly 6 million votes. Keep going. ↓