Home Politics Trump’s And Biden’s supporters outside the White House
Trump's And Biden's supporters outside the White House

Trump’s And Biden’s supporters outside the White House

by YCPress

Trump’s And Biden’s supporters outside the White House

Recently, supporters of Trump and Biden rallied in various places in the United States to continue the confrontation over issues such as the US election results.

At 13 local time, supporters on both sides again outside the White House in Washington to protest and demonstrate, and intense verbal struggles occurred.

Supporters of Trump and Biden gathered outside the White House that day. Most of Trump’s supporters did not wear masks. Biden supporters chanted slogans, “Stop stealing the elections,” and repeatedly claim that there is fraud in the elections. Biden supporters said the election was settled. Both sides accused each other of harsh words.

Groups from different points of view plan to organize protest demonstrations

According to US media reports, the far-right organization is planning to organize a “million people march” at 14 local time in Washington and elsewhere to protest the results of the US presidential election.

Trump supporters are currently promoting the event on social media. At the same time, people opposing far-right groups will stage demonstrations. US media reported that violent conflicts between the two sides are highly likely.

Local police issued notifications such as arms embargoes and road closures during the parade, and local businesses once again sealed doors and windows with wood panels.