Home Politics Trump won an important victory before the election!
Trump won an important victory before the election!

Trump won an important victory before the election!

by YCPress

According to many US media reports, the conservative female judge Amy Corny Barrett, who was nominated by US President Trump to become the Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, officially passed the United States today (October 27), Beijing time. Confirmed by the Senate of Congress and has been sworn in at the White House.

At this point, Trump and the conservative forces of the Republican Party in the United States have not only won the most important ideological war in the United States in the next few years, but also Trump’s side has also won the critical juncture of the US presidential election. A key “life saver”.

Judging from the reports of many mainstream American media, Barrett’s process of becoming a judge of the U.S. Supreme Court can be described as calm. Although the U.S. Democrats collectively oppose sending the Republican-nominated judge to the U.S. Supreme Court, the highest legal institution that “dominates the direction of U.S. ideology,” the Republican Party has a majority in the U.S. Senate. Even if no one from the Democrats supported Barrett, she passed the Senate’s confirmation by 52 votes in favor of 48 votes against.

However, according to the introduction of the US “Wall Street Journal”, this also made Barrett the first justice in the United States to enter the United States Supreme Court since 1869 with only one-party support. This also highlights how divided the political arena in the United States has become.

But after the White House was formally sworn in, Barrett became a justice. It means that in the US Supreme Court composed of nine justices, conservative forces have completely overwhelmed the liberal forces, with 6 people on 3 people. According to reports in the American media, this overwhelming advantage of conservatives is bound to have a significant impact on the ideological trend of the United States in the next few years, because American conservatives influenced by religious forces generally focus on abortion, birth technology and even Medical technology such as embryonic stem cells is opposed.

A report by the US NBC News Network pointed out that Americans may face numerous obstacles in terms of whether they can choose abortion and whether they can give birth through IVF. Some American feminist groups even think that Barrett’s becoming a justice is a major setback to American feminism and will make them lose the right to control their womb.

However, judging from the US CNN report, in addition to the long-term problems in these ideological fields, Barrett will soon face many cases involving the US presidential election and Trump’s personal issues in the first week after taking office. Tax-related cases.

According to CNN reports, these cases involving the US presidential election are basically related to “vote counting.” For example, the Republican Party of Pennsylvania in the United States requires the Supreme Court to make a ruling prohibiting the counting of ballots sent to the ballots three days after the election day. In Wisconsin, the Democrats require the Supreme Court to allow statistics to be mailed to ballots six days after the general election day, and require the Supreme Court to allow people susceptible to new crown pneumonia to use email instead of mailing paper ballots. In North Carolina, the Republicans and Democrats also disputed whether the vote count could be extended beyond the election day and asked the Supreme Court to make a ruling.

Although these cases seem to be scattered, because this year’s US presidential election is considered to be “related to the national fortune of the United States,” and it is still hard to say which of the two candidates, Trump and Biden, wins and loses, so in the United States According to public opinion, the details of any vote counting, especially the results of some key states, will have a major impact on the future of this election and even the future of the United States. With Barrett becoming a judge of the U.S. Supreme Court, Trump has at least gained a theoretical advantage in legal battles related to these elections.

In addition, CNN mentioned that after Barrett becomes a justice, he will face handling Trump’s personal tax-related cases. Trump has always refused to disclose his tax records and has been looking for various reasons to prevent his tax records from being obtained by his political opponents.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Barrett’s success in becoming a Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States may also have a great boost to Trump’s election. This is because of the current six conservative justices, three were nominated and approved by Trump during his four years in office. Among them, in addition to Barrett, who took office today, there is Neil Gorsuch And Brett Kavanaugh, who was caught in the political whirlpool of accusations of “raping female classmates in high school” the year before.

Therefore, even if Trump loses in the US presidential election this year, the three people he personally brought to the US Supreme Court will also play a pivotal role in his next destiny.