Home Politics Trump went crazy on election night, muttering “I won”
Trump went crazy on election night, muttering "I won"

Trump went crazy on election night, muttering “I won”

by YCPress

Recently, more than 30 senior administration officials, members of the legal team, campaign aides and consultants of the Trump administration told the Wall Street Journal the story of Trump’s increasingly frantic attempts to overthrow the election results.

An adviser close to Trump revealed that on election night this year, Trump was like a “crazy King George”, mumbling “I won” and “I won.”

“Crazy King George” is a biographical film based on George III of the British Empire. In 1788, the British Empire led by the shrewd and capable King George III gradually became stronger on the land of Europe.

Because of the wise leadership of King George, the people live a prosperous life, the country is peaceful, and King George is also deeply loved by the British people. But one day, King George suddenly had a stomach trouble, and the royal doctor in the palace did not find out what the cause was. Since then, King George has become insane, and the previously shrewd king has often uttered foul language and acted madly in front of the royal ministers and guards.

King George’s disorder caused anxiety among the royal family and Congress. The Prince of Wales took the opportunity to send someone in the House to initiate a proposal for his regency in order to drive his father away and take power by himself.

In order to avoid the turmoil brought to the country by the struggle for royal rights, the then Prime Minister Peter was busy concealing the truth and appeasing Congress, and at the Queen’s instigation, he asked Dr. Willis to treat King George secretly, delaying stability situation. Just as Peter was about to be unable to resist the pressure to support the Prince of Wales ascending the throne in Congress, King George completely recovered under Willis’ meticulous treatment and returned to the subjects who still supported him.

Trump now is like King George at the time. He cannot be self-controlled, and he does not want to admit the fact that he has failed. However, Trump, who is as crazy as King George, does not have the final outcome of King George. 

Although Trump has been reluctant to admit defeat and is organizing an election lawsuit to bring the lawsuit to the Supreme Court to overturn the election result, he himself knows that this is difficult to achieve. 

On November 29, local time, in an interview with Fox News, Trump was asked by the host “when will he challenge the Supreme Court for elections”. His answer was: “The problem is that it is difficult to fight the lawsuit. Go to the Supreme Court.” This means that it is difficult for him to overturn the results of the general election, and he cannot continue to serve as President of the United States.

Trump, who was invincible, ended up as crazy as King George, but he failed to return to the stage of power like King George.