Home Politics Trump was impeached twice, the first person in history
Trump was impeached twice, the first person in history

Trump was impeached twice, the first person in history

by YCPress

On the afternoon of the 13th local time, the House of Representatives passed a vote against US President Trump’s impeachment clause with sufficient votes, making Trump not only the first president to be impeached twice by the House of Representatives, but also the first president in U.S. history to pass the impeachment of the House twice.

The House of Representatives filed a lawsuit against Trump last week for inciting congressional riots. On Wednesday afternoon, the impeachment bill passed by 232 votes to 197, in which 10 Republicans voted for impeachment.

The four-page impeachment article shows that Trump spread months of false claims to his supporters that there is no evidence that “election fraud” led to his defeat in the 2020 election and stimulated supporters to break into the Capitol to protest, disrupting the congressional debate on Biden’s election results.

“He threatened the integrity of democracy, interfered with the peaceful transition of power, and he failed the people’s trust in the president and clearly hurt the American people.” The charging document of the House of Representatives reads.

After that riot that killed at least five people, including a congressional policeman, Democrats have been trying to completely cut Trump’s political legacy through impeachment, so that he can’t come out again four years later. Still, Congress didn’t have enough time to oust Trump before Biden took office.

Democrats urged Vice President Pence and the cabinet to start a faster process to remove Trump through the 25th Amendment. Pence refused and said in a letter to House Speaker Pelosi on Tuesday that he thought the move was “incompatible with the national interest and unconstitutional”.

Pelosi debated in the House of Representatives, saying that the United States cannot risk leaving the president in power.” He must step down. He is a clear and imminent danger for the country we all love.”

Although a minority of Republicans said they would vote to impeach Trump, a large majority of Republican representatives opposed the effort. House Minority Leader McCarthy said Trump was “responsible” for the riots, but called impeaching the president without an investigation or hearing “a false decision”.

“The impeachment vote will further divide the country. The vote for impeachment will further incite partisan divisions.” He called for the adoption of a resolution condemning Trump.

Once the House of Representatives submits the impeachment clause to the Senate, the Senate must start the trial quickly. At least 67 of the 100 senators can convict Trump. McConnell said, “Even if the Senate begins to vote quickly this week, it will not wait until Trump leaves office to reach a final judgment.”