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Trump was impeached twice. American media: He is in a state of “self-pity”

Trump was impeached twice. American media: He is in a state of "self-pity"

Trump made his first public appearance on January 12 after congressional riots.

“He has been hiding in the (White House), which has never been a good thing”, CNN’s latest news.

A close friend of US President Trump revealed on the 13th that after learning that the second vote for his impeachment of the House of Representatives was passed.

The president felt very depressed.

According to CNN, a White House adviser said on the same day that “everyone is angry with everyone” inside the White House, and Trump was frustrated because he thought people did not defend him enough.

“He’s now in a state of ‘meat yourself,’” the source said.

Many people close to Trump believe that “it was what he did that caused it, not someone else,” the CNN article said, “he incited a mob to storm the Capitol and block the ballot certification process, and he could not find many Republicans who sympathized with him.”

“It’s never been a good thing [Trump] has been hiding at the White House residence,” said a person close to the White House after the congressional riots, according to reports.

Another person close to Trump believes that Trump’s choice to pardon himself and his children at this time is “not a good idea”, but the president himself still wants to exercise his remaining powers, the report mentioned.

According to previous reports, the U.S. House of Representatives voted on the draft impeachment of Trump on the 13th local time.

The House of Representatives finally voted to pass the impeachment of President Trump by 232:197 votes, thus becoming the first president in U.S. history to be impeached twice during his tenure.

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