Home Politics Trump wants to turn the tables at the last minute, and 10 former defense ministers jointly speak out.
Trump wants to turn the tables at the last minute, and 10 former defense ministers jointly speak out.

Trump wants to turn the tables at the last minute, and 10 former defense ministers jointly speak out.

by YCPress

January 6, the U.S. Congress and the House of Representatives will hold a joint meeting to certify the results of the voting of the electoral college and announce the official results of the presidential election.

According to the vote of the U.S. Electoral College on December 14 last year, Biden finally got 306 votes and Trump got 232 votes.

Trump still did not give up the idea of turning the tables. On the 1st, local time, Trump tweeted that Washington would hold a “large protest rally” on the 6th; on the other hand, the U.S. media speculated that Trump might use the army to try to retain power. In response, the military was ready, and 10 former defense ministers also sent an open letter saying that they did not support Trump to reverse the election results.

The U.S. “Politician” News Network reported that on the 3rd local time, 10 former defense ministers, including Matisse, Esper and Rumsfeld, issued an open letter in the Washington Post saying that the U.S. presidential election has ended and their efforts to Trump try to reverse the presidential election results in any way. There is no sympathy for all.

In the letter, they urged the U.S. Department of Defense to “avoid any political action that could undermine the election results or undermine the transition to a new government”.

Trump previously tweeted that Washington’s “large protest rally” was regarded as a signal of “King of Beijing”. USA Today reported that at Trump’s call, his diehard supporters are planning to come to Washington on January 6 to pressure Republican lawmakers to participate in the “overturn” of Biden’s victory.

Washington, D.C. Mayor Bowser has deployed urgently to deal with the possible riots.

According to the Capitol Hill, Bowser asked residents to avoid going downtown on the 5th and 6th in a statement issued on the 3rd, because Trump supporters planned to hold protests here these two days.

The Office of the Mayor of the District of Columbia also gave a hint on gun use, pointing out that protesters and others cannot carry guns within 1,000 feet (about 305 meters) of the activity area, and that within the U.S. Capitol and the National Park Service, including Freedom Square and National Square. It’s illegal.

The Washington D.C. Police Department has asked all staff to be on duty in response to the protests.

In addition, the U.S. media also revealed that Trump may use the war as a “last attempt”.

According to a CNN website on the 2nd, Washington analysts speculate that Trump may provoke a conflict with Iran, thus diverting attention from his failure to overthrow the election and make it more difficult for his successor Biden to plan Middle East policies.

An article on the website of the Atlantic in the United States said without mercy that Trump has never been interested in governance. Once he lost the election, he gave up his presidency completely. He is now completely in a survival mode, which is why we should not think of him as good as other presidents at the end of his term.

Indeed, Trump is still concerned about his vote at a time when the cumulative number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States exceeds 20 million and the cumulative number of deaths exceeds 350,000.

The Washington Post revealed on the 3rd local time that the recorded phone call obtained by the newspaper showed that President Trump had a telephone conversation with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger on the 2nd, asking him to “find 11,780 votes” to change the election results in Georgia, but the latter rejected Trump.

Regarding the current epidemic in the United States and Trump’s attempt to challenge the election results, the Washington Post commented on the 2nd that after a year of epidemic and the election, the United States is now unprecedentedly divided.

The report pointed out that COVID-19 is not the only cause of fever in the United States. Blind partisanship, broken trust and the declining general belief of the country are depleting the energy of the United States. Value bias, emotional and interest disputes will continue to divide Americans.