Home Politics Trump team will meet Michigan State Assembly leader Biden to respond
Trump team will meet Michigan State Assembly leader Biden to respond

Trump team will meet Michigan State Assembly leader Biden to respond

by YCPress

November 20 US media : the Trump camp is constantly seeking to overthrow the election results in multiple key states and will also invite Republican Michigan Senate leaders to the White House on Friday (20th). When asked about the incident, Biden said, “We won the victory for Michigan.”

Based on CNN, Fox News and other media reports, a vote-taking committee composed of 2 members of each of the two parties in the United States met on Tuesday (17th) to verify the election results of Wayne County.

The voting results showed that Biden Win. However, Republican committee members Palmer (Monica Palmer) and Hartman (William Hartmann) initially refused to certify Biden’s victory on the grounds that the list of absent voters did not match the number of votes cast. 

The two were subsequently criticized by “racism” and other criticisms, and after hours of meeting, they changed their words and agreed to confirm the results.

However, the situation has changed again. The two petitioned to withdraw the certification on Wednesday (18th), on the grounds that they would vote on the certification results after “enduring pressure for several hours” the previous day. 

According to reports, the two received calls from Trump late on Tuesday (17th). Palmer said that after Trump heard that she was intimidated, he called to say whether she was safe, but emphasized that Trump did not pressure her to withdraw the certification result.

Another person familiar with the matter reported that the Trump team invited Michigan Senate Majority Republican Leader Mike Shirkey and State House Speaker Lee Chatfield to the White House on Friday (20th), but the meeting The content is not yet clear.

When asked about the matter by a media reporter, Biden claimed, “We won the victory in Michigan, which will be certified.” He also accused the Trump camp of seeking to change the election results as “outrageous”.

The Michigan Secretary of State said that the Trump camp’s invitation to Michigan Republican congressmen was “at least inappropriate” and there was no legal mechanism for the two to withdraw their votes. 

According to Reuters, the Trump campaign said that they have dropped the election lawsuit in Michigan. Trump confirmed the news on Twitter on the 19th and said, “We withdrew because we won.”

Many American media are uneasy about whether the presidential power can transition smoothly. The New York Times stated that “the next few weeks may be chaotic.”