Home Politics Trump team suffered many setbacks and the three states sent “bad news” on the same day.
Trump team suffered many setbacks and the three states sent "bad news" on the same day.

Trump team suffered many setbacks and the three states sent “bad news” on the same day.

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According to CNN on the 19th, state judges in Arizona and Pennsylvania and federal judges in Georgia rejected election-related lawsuits filed by the Republican and Trump campaign on Thursday local time. The report said that this is the latest round of failures for the Trump campaign to prevent Biden from winning.

A Georgia judge appointed by Trump said that the attempts of lawyers allied with the Republican Party to obstruct the election results were “quite shocking” and he rejected the lawyers’ attempts to block Biden’s victory in Georgia. In Pennsylvania, a state judge ruled that more than 2,000 absentee ballots that Trump’s team hoped to exclude should also be counted in the statistics.

Arizona Judge John Hannah rejected the state’s Republican lawsuit for a broader ballot check of election day ballots and a Republican request to issue an injunction to prevent the state’s most populous Maricopa County from confirming its election results, a move that county officials believe will push Late determination of the voting results. According to CNN, Biden will win in Arizona. As of Thursday night, Biden was ahead of more than 10,000 votes from Trump.

Philadelphia election staff are sorting out and counting ballots. Source: Reuters

Reports to the state secretary’s office showed that more than half of Arizona counties conducted post-election ballot checkers and found no discrepancies or micro issues affecting the election results. No evidence of “systematic election fraud” was found in the ballots conducted in four largest counties in Arizona, which accounted for 86% of all votes in the state. No violations were found in Maricopa County, and Pima County officials conducted a random sample of 4,239 ballots, and only two ballots were found to be defective.

Jeff Bergen, the Biden campaign’s communications director in Arizona, called the lawsuit “meaning pointless and justly dismissed.” He said, “The Arizona elections are working well and transparent, and the far-rights of the Arizona Republican Party should stop trying to undermine Arizonans’ confidence in free and fair elections.”

Arizona Republican Party Chairman Kelly Ward slammed the order on Thursday and reiterated his call for a ticket check. However, she did not clearly confirm that she would appeal.

Photo Source: AP

Joseph LaRue, a Maricopa County attorney, said in court that the deadline for the county to approve votes is Monday (November 23) and that a delay could affect the state’s ability to complete the count before the Electoral College voting deadline. The state certification deadline is November 30. The Electoral College will vote on December 14.

According to the report, the number of failures of the Trump campaign in recent days has been increasing, including nine lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign or his allies on Friday (November 13), which were either rejected or withdrawn, and pro-Trump voters withdrew four allegations of the election earlier this week. Fraud” litigation.

Despite the promise of Trump campaign lawyers including Rudy Giuliani to keep fighting, there are few viable lawsuits for the Trump campaign that can cost Biden the enough electoral votes he needs to become president.

CNN pointed out that legal analysts generally believe that Trump’s efforts to change the election results in court will end in failure.