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Trump team seeks to recount votes in parts of Wisconsin

by YCPress

According to a report by CNN on the 18th, the Trump campaign team seeks to recount the votes in two counties in Wisconsin.

The Trump team needs to formally apply for the recount before 5 pm Central Time on the 18th.

And pay the prepaid fee. According to Wisconsin state election officials confirmed that day, Trump team has received $3 million in

funds to re-count the votes in Milwaukee County and Dane County.

These two counties include the state’s largest city, Milwaukee, and the state.

The capital city of Madison, these areas have a considerable proportion of Democratic supporters.

According to an announcement by the Wisconsin State Electoral Commission, starting from Thursday, the 19th local time, the recounting of the two counties will be completed within the next 13 days.

The Election Commission will officially confirm the results of the vote counting in the above-mentioned regions on December 1 at the latest. Some experts said that despite the recount, Trump is unlikely to reverse Biden’s current advantage over 20,000 votes.