Home Politics Trump supporters plan to count the electoral votes in Congress on the 6th. Washington is ready.
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Trump supporters plan to count the electoral votes in Congress on the 6th. Washington is ready.

by YCPress

January 5 Supporters of US President Donald Trump plan to gather in Washington on the day of Congress to count the electoral votes and announce the winner of the presidential election. Trump said he would be at the rally at that time.

Washington is ready to deploy the National Guard in addition to deploying police forces to prevent violence.

The police warned the assembly personnel not to carry weapons.

According to the vote count, Trump won fewer popular votes and electoral votes than Democratic candidate and former Vice President Joseph Biden in the 2020 presidential election.

However, Trump has so far refused to admit defeat, calling the election “massive fraud”.

Trump supporters plan to rally in Washington on the evening of the 5th and the 6th all day. Their action was supported by Trump. He retweeted a post calling for a rally on the 3rd and wrote: “I will be there.

A historic day. Reuters reported on a person familiar with Trump’s schedule that Trump is scheduled to address supporters at the rally outside the White House on the 6th.

Trump’s supporters were in solidarity with Trump when they gathered in Washington in November and December 2020.

During the November rally, he rode through the rally crowd in a car; during the December rally, he flew low over the assembly place by helicopter.

In addition, 12 congressional senators and about 100 congressional representatives intend to challenge the election results at the 6th meeting.∂.

Government authorities have received three applications for rallies from Trump supporters, with a total estimated number of about 15,000.

Acting Police Commissioner Robert Conte of Washington said at a press conference on the 4th: “We have received some information that some people are trying to bring guns to our city.

We are not allowed to do this.”

In addition to the Washington police, law enforcement forces such as congressional police and the Secret Service will also participate in maintaining order, Conti said.

He warned that gunmen or those who provoked violence would be arrested. Police have issued warnings about illegality in carrying firearms in the downtown area. Kandi appealed to the public to call the police when they see people suspected of carrying guns.

Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser applied to the military on December 31, 2020 to deploy the National Guard during a rally of Trump supporters, quoted a U.S. military official.

The Associated Press reported. The Washington National Guard said in a statement on the 4th that it will send more than 300 National Guard members.

Trump supporters clashed with anti-Trump demonstrators at last year’s rally.

Washington police arrested Henry Tario, the leader of the “Proud Boys” organization in the Trump camp, on the 4th.

He is suspected of burning slogans that “Black people’s lives are also lives” at previous gatherings.

In addition, the police found that he was carrying two large-capacity magazines and charged him with illegal possession of weapons.

Prior to his arrest, Tario said on social media that there would be “record” “proud boys” members arriving in Washington, and they would “hidden their identities” and spread them in the heart of Washington as “small groups of people”.