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Trump refused to testify during the Senate impeachment trial

by YCPress

House Democrats asked former President Trump to testify for his defense during the Senate impeachment trial on February 4.

In response, one of Trump’s advisers said that Trump would not testify during the impeachment trial.

Shortly after the Democratic Party made the request, Trump’s adviser Jason Miller denounced the trial as unconstitutional and said that Trump would not appear to testify.

This comes after Trump’s lawyer group submitted a document to the Senate on February 2 denying the accusations that Trump “sedition”.

On the same day, House Democratic impeachment representatives submitted an 80-page briefing on the impeachment proceedings, believing that former President Trump should be convicted.

Although Democrats do not have the power to force Trump to testify, their purpose is to make the violence in Congress on January 6 history and hold Trump accountable for his remarks, the report analyzed.

The impeachment trial will begin on February 9, and Trump has become the first president in American history to be impeached twice in office.

On January 6, during the congressional count of presidential election votes, Trump supporters violently stormed Congress, killing at least five people.

In his speech earlier that day, Trump called on his supporters to “fight with everything possible” to change the election results.

Under the impeachment procedure, two-thirds of the senators in the final ruling must agree to the conviction before the impeachment can be implemented.