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Trump plans to return to Washington after his vacation early.

by YCPress

According to people familiar with the matter, the current U.S. President Trump, who is currently on vacation in Florida, is expected to end his vacation early and return to Washington, D.C.

According to CNN, although guests have arrived at Trump’s estate in Palm Beach, Florida and were told that Trump would attend the event, sources said Trump was planning to leave Florida before the New Year’s party.

According to the report, Trump usually likes to attend events to face the media and friends, and the absence from the party is “unusual”.

Several people said in an interview with CNN that Trump had been in “angry” during the holiday and focused on the election results.

He also repeatedly lobbied senators by bringing up the upcoming congressional count of electoral votes to members of Congress and other aides.

According to the report, Trump also tested whether senators would oppose the election results on the same day.

On January 3, 2021, at the first session of the 117th Congress, the National Archives will present the results of state governors to both houses of Congress, and three days later, members of Congress will count their electoral votes, according to NPR. After counting the votes, the presiding officer will announce whether the candidate has obtained 270 electoral votes.

According to the Code of the United States of America, which was authorised by the 1925 United States Congress, this proclamation “shall be deemed to be a sufficient statement to the President and Vice President-President of the United States”.

According to the report, after losing dozens of lawsuits and the appeal was rejected by the Supreme Court, January 6 may be a great opportunity for Trump to overturn his “failed result”.

The Capitol Hill reported that Republican Senator Holly said on the 30th local time that he would oppose Congress’s calculation of electoral votes and urged other Republican senators to support the plan.

In addition, CNN reported that Trump is worried that Iran will retaliate against the assassination of Suleimani, the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’s Al-Quds Brigade, a year ago (January 3, 2020,) in the next few days, which may also be another reason for his early departure from Florida.