Home Politics “Trump people” are “accounted after autumn” one by one.
"Trump people" are "accounted after autumn" one by one.

“Trump people” are “accounted after autumn” one by one.

by YCPress

“They are all ‘self’, or ‘narcissistic’ and think any company in the country wants to hire me.

I listened to one of them for about 20 minutes, and what he said to me was bullshit.

The tree fell and scattered. Riots and impeachment are exacerbating all the pressure and anxiety that already exists in the White House.

Many White House employees are worried about being involved in “treason” and have resigned one after another.

And the staff still in the White House have also begun to pack their bags and prepare to leave.

Trump in the White House must feel lonely and free.

First, without a social media account and social death; then it was ruthlessly abandoned by the business and financial circles.

Without business and sponsorship, the once golden Trump signboard has now become a “poison” that everyone can’t avoid.

Trump’s last days at the White House are said to be full of anger and turmoil.

The relationship with Vice President Pence broke down, senior advisers left him, and the Republican coalition abandoned him…

He watched the House debate on TV about his second impeachment.

Seeing the betrayal of him by Republicans, he was extremely angry and could only listen to the frustration.

Trump supporters, life is not easy.

After besieging Congress, some supporters who once “jump up and down” in the Capitol were “accounted after the fall”.

The U.S. federal government has filed lawsuits against dozens of participants.

These include demonstrators who carried Pelosi’s speech platform, “Tauren” who attracted a lot of attention on social media, and the man who posed for pictures in Pelosi’s office.

Johnson, 36, from Florida, moved the speech stage of House Speaker Pelosi during the demonstration on the 6th, swaggered across the Capitol Hall, and smiled to the camera.According to the report, Senate staff later found the speech platform in the corridor near the hall of the Capitol.

On the day of the forced break into Capitol Hill, the costume of “Ox Horn Man” Chansley was particularly eye-catching. As a supporter of the conspiracy theory group Q Anonymous (QAnon), he is also known as the Anonymous Q Shaman. 

On January 8, Chansley was arrested. The FBI’s investigation memo of Chansley mentioned that Chansley also left a note to Pence at that time, warning that “it’s only a matter of time. Justice is coming.”

Prosecutors also mentioned that Chansley was at serious risk of absconding because of drug abuse and mental illness.

Prosecutors also said, “Chandley has publicly expressed his belief that he is an alien, a higher-level existence, and that he is on earth to rise to another reality”.

Chanceley said that he was invited by the president to Washington to participate in the event, and he sought Trump’s pardon.

Richard Barnett, who posed in Pelosi’s office, was also prosecuted. 

According to the indictment documents of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, Barnett is accused of breaking into Pelosi’s office, posing freely on Pelosi’s desk, and taking a letter with Pelosi’s name. He also left a note that said, “We will not shrink back”.

As of January 8, the Washington, D.C. High Court has prosecuted more than 40 demonstrators in the “Capitol Hill Incident”, and the U.S. federal court has indicted at least 13 demonstrators on charges, including breaking into the Capitol, disturbing the law, attacking government officials and gun crimes.

Demonstrators allegedly carrying semi-automatic weapons and 11 bottles of Molotov cocktails, as well as a man suspected of attacking the police, were also arrested and prosecuted by U.S. federal prosecutors.

In addition, after some American netizens exposed the identity of some “thugs” in the Capitol, many American companies fired employees who had participated in the protests.

In addition to the “inspection” of these “thugs”, the FBI also asked the public to help identify these suspects, and of course, there were photos taken by the media.

The most funny thing is that many “thugs” also posted selfie videos on the Internet. These photos and videos in memory are now regarded as strong.

Strong evidence. The head of a printing company in Maryland was fired after he found out on Twitter that congressional protesters wore the company armband and found out his identity.

Libby Andrews, a Chicago real estate agent, was removed from the company.

Although Andrews felt that she had done nothing wrong and did not enter the Capitol, she told Reuters that she climbed the steps of the Capitol without meeting security personnel, posted live selfies on Instagram, sang the national anthem of the United States, and then left. No other action.

Some Americans have also begun to report relatives who participated in the January 6th gathering. On social networking sites, a son reported that a mother working in a hospital attended a January 6 party.

Although he did not know whether the mother rushed into Congress, he said that “she can explain to the FBI”. At present, his mother has been fired in the hospital. Someone also replied below, reporting his brother-in-law.

Trump administration staff were “blocked”

Business Insider reported on January 14 that Trump administration workers “get nails” when looking for jobs.

A recruiter tried to arrange for six of them to participate in the interview, but they did not get any interview opportunities.

According to the report, those lesser-known people, such as Aliza Farah, the former director of the White House Communications Liaison Office, have been submitting resumes to Hollywood brokerage companies in the hope of getting a job in the entertainment industry.

Meanwhile, Trump’s special assistant, John Horstman, is also looking for a job in Hollywood.

Another Trump special aide, Carolina Hurley, tried to get a place in the fashion industry.

Alyssa Farah

Larry Kudlow, director of the White House National Economic Council and former CNBC’s “bill” of consumer news and business, is in talks with the U.S. news website Newsmax.

However, a spokesman for Newsmax said that the company did not discuss future recruitment.

“The people around Trump were treated coldly from all corners.” A PR recruiter told Business Insider that they had been consulted by at least 15 White House job seekers, the report said.

Six White House job seekers became their clients, but none of them has been given an interview at the company they applied for.

The person added: “They are all ‘self’, or ‘narcissistic’ and think that any company in this country wants to hire me.

I listened to one of them for about 20 minutes, and what he said to me was bullshit.

The report also mentioned that Randall Lane, editor-in-chief of the American business media Forbes, solemnly warned all American companies not to hire any of Trump’s four press secretaries.

In an interview with NPR, he said: “Let the business know that if you hire any of the above Trump rumormongers, Forbes will think that your company or everything it talks about is a lie.

The job of a press secretary is sometimes a flawed lie or a hype…”

Another mainstream news website executive said, “We will not hire people who have no credibility. Few of them are more valuable than Fox News, OAN and Newsmax.”

Such a statement seems very convincing.

Since Trump’s first day in the White House, successive White House press spokespersons have created farce about referring to deer to horses.

The first speaker, Sean Spicer, opened his eyes and told lies and deliberately set the tone for the inauguration crowd – saying that 1.5 million people attended, not 250,000 people in the media, because it asked people to believe their eyes. The next day, White House adviser Kellyanne Conway tried to lie Spicer’s lie with a new word “alternative facts”.

Successor Sarah Sanders is even more lying, from smearing those who accuse Trump of sexual harassment to fabricating employment statistics. The last speaker, 32-year-old legend McKennene, a graduate of Harvard Law School, regards smiling lies as an art form.

She made too many big lies just to help Trump cover up the incompetence and steal the bells of the coronavirus epidemic. What’s more ridiculous is that in order to prove that the Trump administration has a health care plan, she didn’t blink her eyes to hand over a “blank” health care plan to her in front of the camera.

Just on January 11, Fox News asked former Trump campaign spokesman Hogan Gidley whether Trump felt “tamed” after losing these social platforms. Gideli responded that Trump is “the most masculine president in the history of the White House”.