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Trump issued a long statement to “declare war” on McConnell!

by YCPress

“Trump ‘declares war’ on Senate Republican leader McConnell.” Today’s Russian TV (RT) reported that former U.S. President Trump issued a long statement on the 16th, launching a fierce attack on Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, accusing the latter of being “cold, gloomy, and meticulous politician” and saying that “third-rate ‘leaders’ can dominate us.

The future”, it seems that the removal target McConnell.

According to the Associated Press on the 17th, the long statement began with: “With a political ‘leader’ like McConnell, the Republican Party will never be respected or stronger again.

McConnell’s persistence in existing policies and ‘business as usual’, coupled with his lack of political insight, wisdom, skill and personality, has led him to quickly changing from majority leader to minority leader, things will only get worse.”

The statement said, “Democrats and Chuck Schumer (Senate Democratic leader) played McConnell between their palms – and they want to keep doing so!” We know that our ‘America First’ agenda is the winner, not McConnell’s ‘Washington Political Circle First’ agenda or Biden’s ‘America’s Last’ agenda.”

“What we want is a leadership that is excellent, strong, thoughtful and compassionate.” “If Republican senators are on the same line as him (McConnell), they won no more election,” Trump said in a statement.

This is an important moment for our country. We can’t let third-rate ‘leaders’ dominate our future!”

Trump also said he would use his massive appeal at the Republican base to challenge McConnell’s faction in the November 2022 midterm congressional elections.” I will endorse the party candidates who support the policies of “Make America Great Again” and “America First” when necessary and appropriate.”

U.S. media said that Trump publicly criticized McConnell, reflecting the worsening of the discord between the two most heavyweights in the Republican Party.

After Trump lost the election on November 3 last year, McConnell quickly admitted that Biden won the election, which aroused Trump’s dissatisfaction.

In addition, after the Senate concluded Trump’s second impeachment trial on the 13th of this month, McConnell publicly accused Trump of being “actual and morally” responsible for the impact on Congress on January 6, which also symbolizes the intensification of discord between the two sides.

Although Trump was acquitted in the impeachment trial, he still faced legal challenges.

According to CNN on the 17th, Thompson, a Democratic member of the chairman of the Homeland Security Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives, filed a civil lawsuit in Washington federal court on the 16th for Trump’s inciting the January 6 rebellion and obstructing Congress from certifying the results of the election.

The defendants in the lawsuit include other organizations such as Trump’s personal lawyer Giuliani and Proud Boys, who were involved in the violent impact on Congress.