Home Politics Trump: I didn’t lose! Melania: The luggage left the White House has been packed…
Trump: I didn't lose! Melania: The luggage left the White House has been packed...

Trump: I didn’t lose! Melania: The luggage left the White House has been packed…

by YCPress

On December 10, CNN reported that Melania, the first lady of the United States, had packed her bags at the White House and said that she “just wanted to go home”. However, Trump is still denying the election results at this time – at the White House party on December 10, Trump once again claimed that he “win the election”: “We have won 75 million votes, which is impossible to lose.”

Melania: “I just want to go home”

It is reported that Melania is quietly arranging things after leaving the White House, including the transportation of some items from the White House to the Trump Tower in New York and Mar-a-a-Lago in Florida, respectively, and has begun to help her 14-year-old son Barron transfer to another school.

In addition, Melania’s advisers also asked her if the “former first lady” had expenses similar to the outgoing president. However, according to the regulations, the former First Lady has no financial subsidies, and she can only receive a pension of 20,000 US dollars a year after the death of her husband.

According to another person familiar with the matter, Melania believes that Trump’s path to running for president again in 2024 “will not go very smooth”.

Trump: I can’t lose!

On December 10, Trump attended the White House party and again claimed to “win the election”. He claimed he won two elections and boasted that it was impossible to lose the election by 12 million more votes than four years ago: “We got 75 million votes, and it is impossible to lose.”

Meanwhile, Trump thanked Texas for joining his team to overturn the election results: “They read our litigation documents, which are so convincing that everyone is joining.”

Several lawsuits of the Trump team have been rejected.

Previously, the Trump campaign launched a series of lawsuits against the results of the multi-state election, but were rejected in many places.

According to reference sources, quoted AFP’s report on December 8th, Washington local time, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected Trump’s appeal on the same day to block the certification of Pennsylvania’s election results, which is the latest blow to Trump’s attempt to overturn the presidential election results. CNN said it was a fatal blow to the Republican Party and a defeat for Trump, because he had been claiming that the Supreme Court might overturn the election results.

According to CNN on December 6, the U.S. federal appeals court recently rejected the appeal of Lin Wood, a lawyer of the Trump team, to overturn Biden’s election victory in Georgia, becoming another loss of a series of legal challenges after the Trump camp’s election defeat. In Georgia, Biden defeated Trump by about 12,000 votes, according to media reports.

According to the Washington Post on the 9th, on the evening of the 8th local time, the Nevada Supreme Court unanimously agreed 6-0, rejecting the Trump team’s appeal to overturn the state’s election results. Earlier, lower court judge Russell had reportedly said that the state had found no evidence of election fraud or misconduct alleged by Trump’s team. Nevada Supreme Court ruled that it would take no other action in agreement with Russell’s decision. The court said that the Trump team failed to point out any “unsupported fact-finding” in Russell’s judgment, and the Nevada Supreme Court also failed to find such content.

She has begun to pack her luggage?

U.S. President Trump is still “dead duck mouth” and refuses to admit defeat, while his wife Melania is the opposite.

Recently, American media revealed that Melania is secretly arranging the matter of “leave leaving the palace” and is busy packing up the bank to count the property. Even the “retirement salary” has been inquired with “secret agents” and only want to go back to the “happy hometown”.

“She just wants to go home.” A person close to Melania revealed. He added that the first lady privately thought that Trump’s re-election in 2024 might not be “not going well”.

According to CNN local time on the 9th, although “First Lady” Melania explicitly supported Trump when she expressed dissatisfaction with the election results in mid-November, she made no small preparations to leave the White House in private.

Just days after the state primary results were announced, Melania sent a “secret envoy” to help her inquire about the budget and distribution of people she needed to live after leaving the White House.

In April this year, Melania quietly recruited Marcia Lee Kelly to the East Wing of the White House as an unpaid consultant, who served in the White House Executive Office.

Two people familiar with the matter revealed that Kelly used her contacts with the White House Budget Administration when she was in the West Wing to help Melania privately inquire about her “pension”: after leaving office, can the First Lady receive taxpayers’ financial subsidies like the president for personnel recruitment and part of travel expenses.

However, the news received is heartbreaking. Except for the former president, who will receive a subsidy to establish an official office, the former first lady can’t get a dime. Unless Trump dies, Melania will receive a “pension” of $20,000 (about 130,000 yuan) a year.

However, this “bad news” did not defeat Melania. Her energy was always focused on “Leaving Washington”. Trump is still thinking about “relying” in the White House, and the daughter-in-law is already counting the items and packing.

Melania has decided to move to Florida, including helping her 14-year-old son Byron find a new school transfer, and packing her personal belongings in the White House, what to send to the Trump Tower in New York, what should be sent to Mar-a-a-Lago, and everything carefully sorted.

In addition, the interior designer hired by Trump when he entered the White House in 2017 has also supervised the painting and renovation of Mar-a-Lago Manor in the past few weeks. A source familiar with Trump’s plan to arrive at Mar-a-a-Lago next January said that there are “a large number of secret service personnel” at Mar-a-Lago, and security personnel are evaluating Trump’s long-term protection.

Laurence Leamer, author of Mar-a-a-Lago: A Perspective on the Gates of Power Inside President Trump’s Mansion, says the future life of the Trump family after moving to Mar-a-a-Lago may not be as comfortable as they thought. It’s like staying in a good hotel. It’s okay to stay for a while, but can you imagine Trump sitting there idle for most of the year? He will soon feel limited.

However, CNN reported that although Melania regards Mar-a-a-Lago Manor as a quiet place to enjoy sunshine, solitude and rest, she also knows that Trump is not a former president who will go into seclusion to write memoirs or paint oil paintings like Obama or George W. Bush. He needs to expose it in public to strengthen Self-esteem.

For example, during Trump’s presidency, many people in Mar-a-Lago were his supporters. In the past, when he and his wife went downstairs for dinner, everyone would stand up, and even the background music would switch to the patriotic song “God Bless America”.

In addition to worrying about moving, Melania is doing the same “parting tradition” as most previous first ladies: choosing porcelain dishes for the Trump administration’s state banquet and planning to write a book about White House life.

Some publishers have revealed that, unlike Michelle Obama’s Becoming and Laura Bush’s Heartfelt Words, Melania may not write memoirs. She prefers to write a photo-based book on the history of White House hospitality or a design she completed during her tenure as First Lady. The book of the project.

CNN also inferred that Melania would likely set up an official office after leaving the White House to continue the plans or projects she began under Trump, such as the “Be the Best” project dedicated to health care and children’s education.

Regarding the outside world, Stephanie Grisham, spokesman for Melania, said that the first lady continues to focus on her role in the White House and strive to protect the White House. Under her supervision, the construction of a new tennis hall in the White House was completed, and Christmas decorations in the office were made public this year. “As a mother, wife and first lady of the United States, her schedule is still full.”

However, these two things that were praised by the authorities exactly ignited the anger of the American people. “280,000 Americans died of the coronavirus, but you spent your money here? Still having a party?

Epidemiologist Eric Feigel Deen asked on Twitter how much protective equipment, test kits could you buy if the money was saved? Some American netizens said desperately that when the White House party was staggered, some people might not survive this dark