Home Politics Trump has caused a major event at a critical juncture China and Germany speak loudly
Trump has caused a major event at a critical juncture China and Germany speak loudly

Trump has caused a major event at a critical juncture China and Germany speak loudly

by YCPress

The U.S. election has come to an end. Biden has won the election. Trump can prepare for the transfer of power, but he just doesn’t give up and declares fraud in the election time and time again. On the morning of the 16th U.S. local time, Trump once again announced on Twitter that he had won the election. However, the official Twitter action was also very quick. He directly posted this tweet with the official source’s judgment on the election. The result is different” label.

US media exposed shocking news, Trump only knows about the election

Since the beginning of 2020, Trump has been focused on the election. He is completely indifferent to the menacing Coronavirus pandemic and the protests and demonstrations that have lasted for several months. The “law and order” of nonsense and Wuling Sanshen. In addition, all Trump’s actions are full of political motives, and everything seems to say: Serving the election.

But the consequence of ignoring it is that the pandemic situation in the United States has long been out of control. According to real-time statistics from Johns Hopkins University, the number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the United States has exceeded 11 million, and it took only 6 days to go from 10 million to 11 million. At the same time, nearly 70,000 people have been hospitalized in the United States, more than ever before. Many states have begun to resume home isolation and other pandemic prevention measures while coping with the surge in the number of cases.

The US “New York Post” reported a shocking news on the 16th. The article quoted a nurse in Texas as saying that some of the worst cases of COVID-19 patients would be sent to special rooms “waiting to die.” They can only receive minimal treatment. The nurse said in a video posted on her personal social platform on the 17th that she saw many people die, but they shouldn’t have passed away. She accused the hospital of not treating patients with Coronavirus sufficiently.

Trump provoked a lawsuit at a critical juncture? Multiple key figures speak

But even at such a critical moment, Trump is still joking with people’s lives. He recently stated at a press conference that Coronavirus vaccine will be available to the United States in April next year, but New York State is excluded. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo previously stated that he has doubts about the safety of vaccines provided by the federal government. On the 15th, Cuomo said that if the Trump administration really puts the statement into practice, then he will take legal measures against it.

Cuomo said that the Trump administration must learn from the lesson, stop abusing power and messing up divisions, and should use the last few months to truly do real things for the people and make up for the damage it has caused. Cuomo emphasized that the Trump administration should stop being intoxicated and arouse more anger and hatred. New York State Attorney General James also previously said that the Trump administration’s use of people’s lives to play political games is shameful.

American “anti-pandemic captain” Fauci said that with the advent of the cold season in the northern hemisphere and American holidays, there must be no slack in pandemic prevention and control. It is necessary to avoid gathering activities to visit relatives and friends during the holidays. Fauci also said that Americans are expected to return to a relatively normal life in the second or third quarter of 2021, but most people must first get vaccinated and follow the pandemic prevention regulations. This is the most important prerequisite.

Trump has caused a major event at a critical juncture, and China and Germany speak loudly

Trump has messed up international relations, China and Europe are the key

Not only is the domestic mess in the United States, but during the Trump administration, relations with European allies have also gradually entered a period of freezing. Trump’s unilateralist path has led to international criticism of the United States. According to Reuters, German Economy Minister Peter Altmeier stated on the 16th that Germany hopes that after the new “president-elect” Biden of the United States takes office, trade barriers between the United States and Europe can be eliminated, and that the United States and Europe can achieve trade relations. Consistent.

As for Sino-US relations, which are of international concern, because the Trump administration has been adopting a tough policy against China, many US media predict that Trump may carry it through to the end in the next few weeks. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said on the 16th that China has always advocated that China and the United States will benefit from cooperation and fight against each other. Cooperation is the only correct choice. At the same time, China will firmly safeguard its sovereignty, security and development interests.