Home Politics Trump has called for a halt to vote counting, which has led to gang fighting in the Republican Party, and Twitter has suggested banning it outright.
Trump has called for a halt to vote counting, which has led to gang fighting in the Republican Party, and Twitter has suggested banning it outright.

Trump has called for a halt to vote counting, which has led to gang fighting in the Republican Party, and Twitter has suggested banning it outright.

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Since Trump began to take the form of litigation on the 4th to try to intervene in several key states where the vote is being counted, Trump’s people have collapsed in the Republican Party, and Twitter directly suggested that in the general election. Trump’s account was then blocked to prevent him from using social media to incite violence.

Democratic elections are the foundation of the United States, and Trump’s approach is undoubtedly challenging the country’s voting procedures.

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Because of the normal fluctuations in vote statistics, Trump announced his victory in advance while he was temporarily ahead.

After the statistics were overtaken, he unfoundedly accused his opponents of cheating, and tried to use his influence and a large team of lawyers to interfere with the vote counting of the election. This is impossible for Americans who adhere to the democratic election system. Enduring betrayal.

According to news from “NPR Politics” on the 5th, a number of lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign in states that are still counting votes have been rejected by the judge. Two courts in Arizona and Michigan have rejected Trump’s lawsuit to stop the counting of votes.

According to news from the US “Newsweek” on the 5th, Trump’s son Eric Trump and his lawyer Rudy Giuliani announced that they filed a lawsuit in Pennsylvania to stop the calculation of mailed votes. The state courts currently No news of acceptance or rejection has been issued.

However, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro responded to Trump’s claims about campaign fraud on the 5th, saying that his claims were baseless accusations: “These votes are valid, they are legal, and are being Counted”.

For Trump’s performance, the first thing that aroused dissatisfaction was the opposition of the Democratic Party. Anti-Trump protests broke out all over the United States to stop the counting of votes.

What Trump did not expect was that his actions, even the Republicans, also stood up and expressed their views, verbally criticizing him, and drawing a clear line from him.

According to a survey conducted by the UK “Independence” website, including Senate Majority Leader McConnell (a former ally of Trump), Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio, Alaska Senator R. Lisa Merkov Republican officials including Mr. Skye and Representative Adam Kinsinger of Illinois successively criticized Trump’s actions.

As an ally of Trump, ABC News Analyst and former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie also stated that Trump’s arguments are unfounded.

Ohio Republican Governor Mike Dewann said on Fox News on Wednesday that although he supports Trump, “If we end up as Biden, all of us will accept this.”

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan briefly considered challenging Trump for the Republican nomination. He called Trump’s remarks “shocking, baseless, and a terrible mistake.”

A statement from Ohio Senator Rob Portman said: “We should respect this process and ensure that all votes made in accordance with state laws are counted. It’s that simple.”

Utah Senator Mike Lee added: “Everyone had better step back and let the vote counter do the work.”

John Bolton, Trump’s old enemy and former national security adviser, unceremoniously accused Trump of false claims as a kind of “disgrace.”

In an interview with the British network Sky News, Bolton said that Trump’s statement is “the most irresponsible comment ever made by the President of the United States.”


Republican Arizona Governor Doug Dusey wrote on Twitter: “Let’s count the votes before we announce the declaration—all the votes.”

In fact, during the four years of Trump’s tenure, it is rare for Trump’s allies and Republicans to stand up and denounce Trump on such a large scale. On the contrary, few Republican leaders stand up clearly and stand up. Rumpu.

Some analysts believe that it is Trump’s unresolved re-election that has caused the core members of the Republican Party to watch indifferently.

Obviously, at this moment, Trump’s heart has collapsed to the point of weeping.

But Trump is still the Trump we know well.

According to the latest report from CBS News, even if Biden declares victory in the next few days, Trump does not intend to give in.

According to the latest news from the “Washington Times”, due to fears that the president may incite violence, Twitter called for the suspension of Trump’s information release function on social media after the election.

The latest ballot statistics show that in several key states such as Georgia and Arizona, the gap between Biden and Trump is getting smaller and smaller, while Biden, Nevada, is leading the way. The proportion of supporting the Democratic Party is likely to exceed Trump’s supporters, and the subsequent results can already be imagined.