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Trump "furious" after being "expelled" from Twitter

Trump “furious” after being “expelled” from Twitter

by YCPress

“Trump ‘furious’ after being kicked out of Twitter” Late at night on the 8th local time, the American “politician” news network published such a report.

A few hours ago, Trump’s personal Twitter account @realDonaldTrump was permanently disabled, and the response to the official account of the President of the United States was quickly deleted, and the campaign account @TeamTrump was also banned for issuing “President’s Statements”…

The article begins with irony:

“President Donald Trump has a lot of precious assets, but few of them seem to inspire so many people to be happy like his tweets.

Trump often boasts about the social media loudspeaker he owns. He credits his political trajectory to it, which he uses to tear the enemy apart.”

“On Friday night, he lost it. Then he lost his mind.

According to the report, a senior government official said that the president was “raged” after the Twitter account was permanently suspended.

“For Trump, the Twitter ban is another disgraceful passage in his president’s final chapter.” The media also commented.

On the evening of the 8th local time, Twitter announced that it had ‘permanently blocked’ Trump’s Twitter account “due to the risk of further incitement to violence”.

Trump then tweeted through the official Twitter account of the US president (@POTUS), criticizing Twitter companies for “shacking free speech” and saying that he is considering establishing his own social platform. But soon, these new tweets were also deleted.

Earlier, on the afternoon of the 6th local time, a group of Trump supporters protesting against “election fraud” rushed into the U.S. Capitol in Washington, and the ongoing process of confirming the final result of the election at a joint meeting of the Senate and the House of Representatives was suspended.

Parliamentarians were evacuated urgently, and protesters confronted and clashed with military and police forces. Police opened fire on the spot, killing at least four demonstrators in the clash.

Many American politicians and major media, including former President George W. Bush and several Republican lawmakers, accused the demonstrators of being “thugs” and said that it was Trump who incited the “riot” and the call for “remove Trump” was high.