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Trump broke the bottom line again! American doctors angry

Trump broke the bottom line again! American doctors angry

by YCPress

Today, on US social media Twitter, a video of US President Trump’s speech at his latest campaign rally has aroused the anger of many US Internet users.

Because in order to shirk the responsibility of his government’s failure to prevent the epidemic, even American medical staff began to slander, claiming that they deliberately “exaggerated” the number of deaths from the new crown pneumonia in the United States for money and profit.

In the following live video, Trump first claimed that there was a problem with the US COVID-19 case reporting system. For example, he said that in “other countries”, if someone has heart disease and then dies from contracting the new crown virus, then these “other countries” will report these cases as deaths from heart disease instead of new coronary pneumonia.

Then, he began to attack the death case reporting mechanism in the United States, saying that the US medical system listed the new coronary pneumonia as the cause of death, rather than other terminal illnesses, and said it was “not right.”

However, although Trump’s fans who believe in “anti-intellectualism” cheered for his speech, his words not only completely contradict the facts, but also aroused public outrage from many American medical associations.

Let me talk about the part that violates the facts first. First of all, we all know that the main victims of new coronary pneumonia are mainly elderly people and people with underlying diseases because the virus will exacerbate their illness and cause them to die. Therefore, not only in the United States, but in many countries around the world, those patients who died after being infected with the new crown virus, whether they have other underlying diseases or not, as long as they still suffer from new crown pneumonia when they die, they will all follow the death cases of new crown pneumonia. Reported. This is the case in China.

Secondly, in the United States, when a person infected with the new crown virus dies, the hospital will list many causes of death in his death certificate. There is no situation where the hospital only says that these people died from the new crown pneumonia and not other factors. .

More importantly, it is precisely because of the Trump administration’s failure to prevent the epidemic that a large number of medical staff in the United States have to work day and night, working overtime, in order to save the people of this country that has already infected more than 8 million people. s life. 

But Trump’s authorities not only don’t thank these incompetent people who “wipe their ass”, but also slander them for making money and falsely reporting the number of infections. How can this kind of words and deeds, which are denounced by American netizens as “no bottom line”, not arouse strong indignation from many industry associations, including the American Medical Association (AMA) and the American Medical Association (ACP)?

As shown in the figure below, the largest medical and physician associations in the United States have issued statements on their official websites to refute Trump’s lies.

Finally, in less than 10 days before the US election, Trump has made such a vicious attack on the US medical staff during his campaign, which seems to show that what he really cares about is not Solving the problem professionally will make the United States truly strong again, but only through lies and deceit, and together with his group of supporters, to create a powerful illusion of America.