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Trump began his last counterattack!

Trump began his last counterattack!

by YCPress

Trump began his final counterattack.

After all, there are only 10 days before stepping down on January 20. He must have thought of the beginning, but never thought of such an outcome.

For him, the most urgent thing at present is that he faces three major challenges.

  • 1. Vice President Pence will initiate the 25th Amendment to the Constitution if he betrays, and he will be replaced by Pence.
  • 2. Congress launched a new impeachment bill, and he will become the first president in American history to be impeached twice.
  • 3. The comprehensive siege of public opinion, especially the complete blockade of social media.

Of these three challenges, Trump seems to be calm about the first two.

The first challenge, Pence is crucial. Now although there are endless voices of “persuasion”, Pence is still hesitant.

After all, they are all Republicans, and they can’t look too ugly. More importantly, even when Pence became president, he only had to accept a mess and was scolded by Trump supporters.

The second challenge, Biden is crucial, but Biden has never made a stand, because it is more humiliating.

After all, time is too tight. The fastest plan is that the House of Representatives launched the impeachment bill on Monday and voted to pass it on Wednesday, but this still needs the cooperation of the Senate. The fastest vote in the Senate will be held until January 20. On this day, Biden has been officially sworn in.

Therefore, Trump’s biggest loss, the last counterattack, should be in the social field.

From his point of view, everything is tragic.

I saw a description in the American media as follows:

President Donald Trump has a lot of precious assets, but few of them seem to inspire so many people’s happiness like his tweets. Trump often boasts about the social media loudspeaker he owns. He credits the opening of his political trajectory, and he uses it to tear the enemy apart.

On Friday night, he finally lost it. Then, he lost his mind…

Because on this day, Twitter blocked his favorite things, his source of happiness, and his influence base. Trump’s tweets with nearly 90 million fans have been wiped out.

Earlier, Facebook had announced that it would freeze Trump’s account for 24 hours, and then Zha added it for at least two weeks. That is to say, Trump could not use Facebook before leaving office.

Compared with Facebook, Twitter is the lifeblood of Trump.

It can be said that without Twitter, there would be no Trump today.

In an interview with “60 minutes” in those years, Trump was frank: the American media don’t tell the truth. Without social media, my voice can’t be heard, and I can’t go here.

Think about it, in 2016, if Trump hadn’t tweeted, could he beat Hillary?

There is no door.

Think again, in 2020, if Trump didn’t have Twitter, could he compete with Biden?

Absolutely impossible.

This is Trump’s chip that cares about, loves and manages painstakingly. He can curse all the media because he can directly talk to the public and has a platform completely controlled by himself.

Now, the person is still there, and the number is gone.

In the last 10 days, what will you take to govern the country?

For Trump, a super Internet celebrity, this may be more painful than the death of 350,000 people, which makes him socially die!

Trump must fight back.

In the first battle, Trump’s main account was killed, and he immediately changed his vest and fought back.

The official Twitter account of Trump “turned to war” the President of the United States (@POTUS) sent several tweets in a row.

Still familiar with Trump flavor:

  • 1. Twitter, you have gone too far, you are suppressing “freedom of speech”;
  • 2. I am negotiating with all parties, and I will establish my own social platform;
  • 3. There will be a major announcement soon, please look forward to it!

But can’t you recognize Trump if you change your vest?

Cursing Twitter on the Twitter platform, Twitter immediately found out.

The final result, these tweets: pawn!

In the second war, the official account could not make a sound, so I will change my private identity.

Trump is a Twitter master, and a master has a master’s Tao.

My own account has been blocked, the official account has been deleted, but there is also the campaign account @TeamTrump, so it is soon found that Trump’s tweets appear on the account.

It’s the same formula, familiar taste.

Twitter soon found it again.

A few minutes later, the account: pawn!

In the third battle, Trump’s little brother came forward and took the initiative to fight.

Gary Cowbe, Trump’s digital marketing director, rushed Trump’s urgency and took the initiative to donate his Twitter account of more than 20,000 fans.

He changed the name and avatar of the account to Trump, and also specifically told Trump’s social media director that Trump would use the account despite the use.

There are not many 20,000 fans, but at the critical moment, it is more important to be able to speak.

But Twitter soon found out again.

A few minutes later, the account: pawn!

Please note that in the first three wars, only some tweets were deleted, and in the last two wars, the account was completely banned.


Twitter’s explanation is: the former is an official account, which will be handed over to Biden in the future, so it cannot be blocked; the latter two, you are guilty of yourself, and you are welcome.

Moreover, to block is to block it completely. Even Trump is not allowed to reappear in a vest.

What should I do?

Trump, the president of the world, who is best at social media, was forced to a dead end by social media.

In the end, there is only one way left in Huashan: Trump builds his own social platform.

Therefore, he also said that he was communicating with various websites, and major events would be announced soon.

But in the new media era, it is difficult to create an account, and it is even more difficult to build a social platform. No matter how fast Trump is, it is estimated that it will take some time to stay dormant.

More importantly, do you think that this will not be copied from the road?

Nowadays, the most influential social platforms are mobile terminals, but the mobile terminals in the United States are basically controlled by two people: Apple and Google.

In a prominent example, the “Parler” APP, which is the friendliest to Trump supporters, has been liquidated after the fall of Congress. Google announced its removal from the shelves, and Apple threatened to remove it if it did not review the content.

If Trump is still Trump, even if he immediately stirs up his own social platform, he must pass the barrier of Apple and Google before going to get on the mobile terminal.

The most likely result in the end, this social media super Internet celebrity, can only speak on traditional websites in the end.

Ten days left, Trump’s last counterattack is expected to be tragic.

Finally, what do you think?

The old rule is to make it three simple.

  • First, in the new media era, the platform is too important. Whoever masters the platform will master the initiative. Trump, ah, Trump, although you are a super social Internet celebrity, you are actually just working for Twitter. With a roar of Twitter, the president trembled.
  • Second, no matter which country, it yearns for a clean and upright network environment. So, Twitter Facebook has been cruel to Trump recently, but this brings another question, which is also Trump’s question: America, where is your freedom of speech?
  • Third, there is no Trump account blocked now. It seems that only Tik Tok is left. Seeing someone give an idea: Trump, Trump, you quickly open an account on Tik Tok. At worst, Apple and Google will block Tik Tok, but you can achieve at least one goal!

Well, this really poses a difficult problem for Tik Tok!