Home Politics Trump admits: election lawsuits are “difficult to reach the Supreme Court”
Trump admits: election lawsuits are "difficult to reach the Supreme Court"

Trump admits: election lawsuits are “difficult to reach the Supreme Court”

by YCPress

November 30 According to US media reports, on November 29 local time, US President Trump admitted in an interview with Fox News that “it is difficult to bring a lawsuit to the Supreme Court.” This is his first television interview since “Election Day” on November 3.

The Trump team previously claimed to bring a lawsuit over “election fraud” to the U.S. Supreme Court, according to ABC, CNBC and other media reports, but when asked by the host “when will the election challenge be filed with the Supreme Court,” Trump said: “The problem is that it’s hard to get a lawsuit to the Supreme Court.”

“We have the best lawyers … if things go well, they want to defend the case, but they say it’s hard to get there [the Supreme Court],” Trump said. Trump claimed that the Supreme Court should deal with the lawsuit. “Otherwise, what is the Supreme Court?” And when asked when his team will end the lawsuit, he said, “I won’t tell a date.” It is reported that the Supreme Court has three justices appointed by Trump, and conservative justices are in the majority.

According to the report, several courts have previously rejected the lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign. The latest is on the evening of the 28th local time. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court rejected a campaign lawsuit filed by Republicans, which tried to invalidate the absentee vote and prevent the vote from confirming it. More than 20 similar cases brought by Republican groups have been dismissed or withdrawn, according to a NBC News tally.

Previously, key swing states, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Nevada, all confirmed Biden’s victory in these states. On the 29th local time, the two largest counties in Wisconsin completed the recount, reaffirming the result of Biden’s defeat of Trump.