Home Politics Trump Accuses US Election of “Hoax”: Department of Justice and FBI May Engage in “Election Rigging”
Trump Accuses US Election of "Hoax": Department of Justice and FBI May Engage in "Election Rigging"

Trump Accuses US Election of “Hoax”: Department of Justice and FBI May Engage in “Election Rigging”

by YCPress

In an interview with Fox News Network, current U.S. President Trump said that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Justice, led by officials appointed by himself, may “participate in” in the “election manipulation” against his allegations – although he did not provide evidence to support his big Scale “election fraud” allegations.

Screenshot of U.S. Newsweek report

Trump has refused to admit defeat after major U.S. media announced that Biden is expected to win the U.S. election, and has been pushing false allegations of “broad fraud” with his election legal team. They have not provided evidence to support these allegations, and almost all legal challenges have been lost in court. Failure.

According to Fox News, the current U.S. President Trump gave a media interview for the first time since the election polling day (November 3) and said that he “did not see” the investigation of the U.S. Department of Justice or the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) into the 2020 election.

Trump told host Maria Bartiromo, “You may think that if you work for the FBI or the Department of Justice, this is the most important thing you may have to pay attention to. But where are they? I didn’t see anything. They just move on and move on to the next president.”

Trump stressed that he thought “the election is a hoax” and added that he thought the election was “rigged”, which he repeatedly claimed. “This [the election] is totally fraud, and the FBI and the Department of Justice — I don’t know — maybe they’re involved, but how people are allowed to stay away from these things — it’s unbelievable,” Trump said.

Trump said, “I want to ask, are they investigating this (the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation)? Everyone said, ‘Yes, they are investigating’. See what they are doing while investigating former FBI Director James Comey, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and others? They lied to the U.S. Congress, they lied, they leaked secrets, and they secretly monitored our campaign.”

U.S. Attorney General Barr Source: Associated Press

In the interview, Trump also attacked the voting equipment from Dominion used in the election. He said, “What I can say is that after the mass fraud, no one told me, ‘Oh, the FBI has arrested those involved in this game, the FBI is investigating Dominion Company,’ and no one knows where the company’s headquarters is, and no one even knows where the votes are counted. .”

Earlier, Sydney Powell, an attorney for the Trump election legal team who has not yet been removed, claimed that large-scale “election fraud” has been found, alleging that “election fraud” and “foreign interference in the U.S. election” are through voting software (a software used by Dominion’s development of voting machines).

OK, it is said that the voting software used by several states in the United States was developed by a company associated with the late former Venezuelan President Chávez and obtained funds from countries such as Cuba.

Dominian repeatedly denied allegations of changing voting and software issues. The company’s international headquarters is in Toronto and its US headquarters is in Denver.

After the Trump team made the allegations, the company issued a statement at a press conference saying, “The latest series of absurd events is deeply worrying, not only for Dominion, but also for our dedicated state and local partners, and the entire election process. Dominian is apparently a nonpartisan American company with no affiliation with Venezuela or Cuba.

The counting is done by county and state election officials, not by Dominian or any other election technology company – our system only supports making these election officials make tables.”

U.S. staff are counting ballots Source: Associated Press

U.S. Newsweek reported that although Trump continues to promote his unfounded conspiracy theory that there was a large-scale “fraud” in the election that led him to lose the election, more and more Republican politicians called on him to admit defeat and urged Trump to allow a smooth transition of power. Even some of Trump’s friends and allies have strongly criticized the legal strategy of his campaign.

Fox News’ special correspondent Geraldo Rivera, a personal friend of Trump, said on Sunday that Trump’s lawyers are making accusations “from the other side of the moon”. Former New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie described Trump’s legal team as “national embarrassment” in an interview with ABC.