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Tropical cyclones have killed eight people and evacuated more than 150,000 residents in India

by YCPress

May 17 2021 Tropical Cyclone Tauktae has hit India with a storm that has killed eight people, the Central News Agency reported. Local officials said on the 16th, the western state of Gujarat coast 150,000 residents will be evacuated from their homes, vaccination is expected to be suspended for two days.

India, which has been hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak, has reportedly been hit by another natural disaster, making Tout india’s first powerful tropical storm of the season. India’s meteorological agency said Taute was heading north along India’s western coast, bringing heavy rain and strong winds to several provinces.

The Indian Meteorological Agency predicts that “Taut” will make landfall on the coast of Gujarat in the early morning of the 17th, with winds of 155 km/h to 165 km/h and the strongest gusts of 185 km/h.

Heavy rains and strong winds have hit Karnataka, killing four people, disaster management authorities said. In addition, several towns and villages were flooded, causing property damage.

The tourist resort of Goa Chief Minister Sawangt also said two people were killed in the province, about 200 houses were damaged, trees were uprooted and roads were blocked. In addition, two people were killed in Kerala and 23 fishermen are feared missing.

Gujarat government officials said 150,000 people in the province’s coastal areas are expected to be evacuated, the local 17th and 18th vaccination operations are expected to be suspended.

India is still plagued by a second wave of coronavirus outbreaks, with the health system on the brink of collapse, hospital beds, oxygen and medicines in short supply, and tropical cyclones complicating the local pandemic situation.