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Tress Anew Review

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Tress Anew Review

Tress Anew Review Many people have such feelings, their own pressure is greater, hair is less and less, and even some people

have not yet reached middle age began to hair loss, after 90 began to worry about their

hairline, for hair loss we must pay attention to. But why do so many people have hair loss in middle age?

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Why do you get hair loss in any age?

1st Genetic factors

Hair loss is also a genetic factor, if their parents or family have hair loss, then they will be at a certain age after

hair loss problems, in fact, some people in their thirties already have hair loss is very serious.

2nd Hormone problems

Although many people are not very old, but the hair is

very small, and even the situation of top, this is mostly because of

androgen abnormality, this situation is also called androgen hair loss, this disease is generally

more common encountered by men, female groups will also, but relatively few.

Tress Anew Review

3rd long-term pressure is too great

If you’ve observed it, you’ll find that people who work long hours late, or people who are stressed at work, don’t have thick hair, and stress

overcoming the assembly can make a person emotionally unstable, which can affect endocrine, their own levels of androgens, and hair loss problems will get worse.

4th long-term bad habits and eating habits

If the long-term habits are unreasonable, it will also exacerbate the situation

of hair loss, if the number of hair loss increased significantly every day, we must pay more attention to, may be the manifestation of endocrine disorders.

In addition, if you like to eat greasy food for a long time, then the scalp will certainly become very oily, which will also increase hair loss.

Hair loss is a situation that occurs to everyone, but some people have more serious hair loss, some people are good

if the number of hair loss every day more than a hundred, then the situation is more serious, need to intervene in other means to reduce hair loss.

How to solve the hair loss problem?

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Adjusting androgen levels through medication is one way to treat hair loss, but it’s also important to see

if it’s caused by a loss of balance in the androgens, and not everyone is suitable for improvement through the drug approach.

Hair implants

With the improvement of technical level, there are more and more ways to solve the problem of hair loss, through the method of hair transplantation can directly and effectively improve the problem of hair loss.

This method is generally calculated on a hair follicle basis and is provided in regular hospitals. But to tell the truth, the price of hair implants is also a bit high, but also depends on the professional level of technical staff.

Adjust your diet and living habits

If you have not reached middle age on hair loss, then pay more attention to their own habits, sometimes because of high-stress work or insomnia caused by hair loss, timely adjustment can improve hair loss.

problems plague many people, if the amount of hair too little will look old, timely improvement to make themselves look younger.

Hair loss reasons

the reasons There are many reasons for losing hair, generally up hair loss is divided into physiological hair loss, non Physiological turn head hair two kinds. 

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Physiological hair loss refers to the loss of < 100 hairs a day, the total number of hair does not decrease, physiological hair loss is a normal metabolic phenomenon of the human body.

Physiologically, there is no need for tension. Here is the main analysis of non-physiological hair loss, non-physiological hair loss 7 main reasons for
hair loss hair loss how to do

What is non-physiological hair loss

Non-physiological hair loss refers to the loss of more than 100 hairs per day

the total number of hair will be significantly reduced, non-physiological

hair loss is also divided into pathological hair loss and external cause hair loss (the following “

hair loss” refers specifically to non-physiological hair loss).

Non-physiological cause of hair loss

There are many reasons for non-physiological hair loss. It is generalized that hair loss is related to genetics, hormones, psychology, nutrition, sleep fatigue, living habits, hair care habits and other factors.

Tress Anew Supplement believes that: hair to rely on intensive blood, blood is not exuberant, just like the soil is not fat, crops are not lush, hair is not dense, easy to fall off. 

Hair loss and body blood, endocrine, lungs, liver, kidneys, nervous system, etc. have a certain relationship.

Genetic factors cause hair loss – hair follicle congenital defects caused Lose your hair

The hair caused by developmental defects is completely missing or sparse, the patient’s common hair is thin and small

or the hair is normal at birth, soon fall out and no longer live, can be divided into isolated defects and other deformities.

Due to the family hair loss genetic history or due
to the skin oil secretion caused by excessive hair follicle spats caused by over-fat hair loss is actually a genetic hair loss, this hair loss is due to the

human body part of the hair follicles have birth defects, susceptible to the body’s male hormone stimulation, which leads to hair follicles atrophy, loss of hair loss, resulting in hair loss, and difficult to re-hairIt’s good to lose your hair and eat

Vegetarian Weight loss causes hair loss due to malnutrition

Hair is the external manifestation of the physical condition, hair growth needs nutrition, and nutrition is transported by blood,
gas blood shortage, poor body nutrition, hair will be due to lack of nutrition

growth is not good and shed lung gas, liver and kidney two empty, gas

and blood shortage, the whole body blood circulation is weak

scalp hair follicles can not be nourished, gradually shrink, will cause hair
loss, dandruff and vitamin deficiency related to the body. 

The main component of hair is a protein called fish, hair needs zinc, iron, copper and other

trace elements, and the body malnutrition and metabolic abnormalities

can cause hair and hair color changes, and even lead to diffuse hair loss. 

Zinc, copper, iron and other trace elements are important substances to maintain hair health, if the human body lacks copper will lead to hair color fade;

If the lack of iron will cause hair blood oxygen content to lead to hair loss long-term vegetarian, weight loss people only eat vegetables

fruits and cereals, which leads to a serious shortage of protein

and trace elements intake, resulting in hair lack of basic nutrients needed and hair
loss reasons for hair loss how to do

Excessive psychological stress and excessive brain-induced hair loss

 When people have mental problems, such as excessive stress, fear, obsessive compulsive disorder, etc.

can lead to metabolic problems in the body, affecting blood circulation and

normal nutritional supply, and therefore may lead to crazy hair loss.

Because under the influence of mental pressure, the human erect hair

muscle contraction, hair upright, plant nerve or central nervous function

disorders, hair follicle nipples change and malnutrition, resulting in hair

growth function inhibition, hair into the moratorium period and hair loss.

Overuse of the brain, tension, irritability and other psychological conditions

resulting in the body can not supply the hair should be nutrition leading to a large number of hair loss.

People use the brain too much, or often worry, boredom, or encounter something, the spirit is

too nervous, so that the brain is greatly stimulated, but also affect the supply and growth of hair nutrition.

Because all human activities belong to the brain tube, the brain is stimulated, physiological disorders, but also hair loss.
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Imbalance in hormone secretion in the body causes hair loss

Growth is affected by a variety of endocrine hormones, so when endocrine abnormalities
occur, more hair loss and male hormone secretion too much, will make the body’s sebum gland secretion more vigorous.

And in the case of high levels of male hormones, scalp sebum gland oil secretion more cases of some fungi, bacteria, etc.

will multiply in large numbers, they will metabolite emissions will

stimulate the scalp and hair follicles, the formation of chronic inflammation

so that hair follicles gradually shrink, hair function gradually decline, resulting in serious hair loss phenomenon.

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Endocrine disorders, etc. can also cause

temporary hair loss Postpartum and menopausal hair loss in

women is related to the instability of estrogen in the body.

Women due to hormone secretion, physiological

conditions are not easy to maintain balance will also appear hair loss

Some scholars believe that some patients with thyroid disease have hair loss, this hair loss is related to thyroxine.

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Tress Anew For autosomal dominant genetics, its genetic characteristics need to be shown under the action of androgens.

  • 2. Neurode generation Hair loss often increases when stress is too great. Under the influence of mental pressure, the human erect hair muscle contraction, hair upright, plant nerve or central nervous function disorders, hair follicle nipples change and malnutrition, resulting in hair growth function inhibition, hair into the moratorium period and hair loss.
  • 3. Endocrine hair lossHair growth is influenced by a variety of endocrine hormones, so when endocrine abnormalities occur, it causes hair loss, such as postpartum and menopause hair loss.
  • 4. Nutritional hair lossHair is an external manifestation of the physical condition, body malnutrition and metabolic abnormalities can cause hair and hair color changes, severe malnutrition and even lead to diffuse hair loss.
  • 5. Physical hair lossCommon physical factors that cause hair loss include mechanical stimulation and exposure to radioactive materials.
  • 6. Chemical hair lossChemical factors can cause hair color to change or even hair loss.
  • 7. Infectious hair lossInfection of various pathogens is an important factor in hair disease, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, helixes, parasites and other infections.
  • 8. Symptomatic hair lossSome systemic or local diseases can be accompanied by hair loss.
  • 9. Seasonal hair lossHair loss is generally easy in summer, as high pore expansion in summer results in hair loss, autumn and winter is not easy to hair loss, because the temperature drops pores closed during this period.

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  • 2. Pathological hair loss should be treated for underlying diseases, and hair will grow again after physical recovery.
  • 3. Chemical hair loss does not use irritating hair dyes, perms and poor quality shampoo.
  • 4. Physical hair loss Do not use plastic combs and plastic head brushes that are prone to static electricity, wear protective caps and wash your hair in a timely manner in an environment where air dust pollution is serious.
  • 5. Nutritional hair loss should strengthen nutrition, eat more fruits and vegetables, kelp, mulberry, walnut kernels.
  • 6. Obesity hair loss should eat less fatty food, strengthen physical exercise.