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Train carrying chemicals derailed in Texas

Train carrying chemicals derailed in Texas

by YCPress

Train carrying chemicals derailed in Texas On the 29th local time, a freight train derailed in southeastern Texas in the United States. Several carriages slipped out of the track. There have been no reports of casualties.

However, some carriages containing chemical products leaked in the accident. Some local people have already Was evacuated.

It can be seen from the scenes during the launch that the cars that overturned on the rails were continuously sprayed with liquid, and then the cars continued to derail, causing serial collisions and sliding to the road next to them.

The Orange County government department in Texas said in a statement that the accident resulted in the leakage of five cars containing chemicals, four of which contained petroleum products that would not pose a threat to personnel, and the other was loaded with Leakage of corrosive chemical products has been contained.

The Orange County Public Security Department asked people within 1.6 kilometers of the accident to evacuate urgently. People within 2.4 kilometers need to evacuate urgently. 

Students from an elementary school on the border of Texas and Louisiana have been evacuated to a nearby high school. The specific cause of the accident is still under investigation.