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Total U.S. congressmen infected by Coronavirus more than 33

by YCPress

According to CNN, amid the surge of Coronavirus cases across the United States, there have also been cases of Coronavirus infections among US congressmen. On November 18, local time, Republican Rep.

Dan Newhouse of Washington State and Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn of Colorado both announced that they had tested positive for Coronavirus.

Newhouse said his symptoms are still very mild and will be isolated and work remotely at home. Lamborn’s office also issued a statement stating that Lamborn has been in contact with physicians in the US House of Representatives and followed all CDC guidelines. He will work in isolation at his home in Colorado Springs.

So far, 26 members of the House of Representatives and 8 senators, a total of 34 members of Congress, have been diagnosed with Coronavirus. 

It is reported that full-time physicians in the US Congress have launched a new testing program for all employees and members of Congress on the 16th local time. 

Considering that the Capitol will house the legislature, visitors and employees across the country, there is growing concern that the Capitol will become an outbreak area for new coronavirus cases.