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TOP Five Safest Countries 2020 Why China is 3rd ?

TOP Five Safest Countries 2020 , Why China is 3rd ?

by YCPress

November 5 According to a report on the website of Kazakhstan’s “Industry News” on November 3, the Gallup Consulting Company of the United States announced a ranking of the world’s safest countries based on the rule of law and order index. 

  1. Turkmenistan 97%
  2. Singapore 97%
  3. China 93%
  4. Iceland 92%
  5. Kuwait 91%

The survey is based on a comprehensive assessment of the public’s confidence in the police, their sense of personal security, and the number of thefts and other crimes in the past year. 

Countries are ranked on a percentile system

The higher the score, the higher the proportion of the population that feels safe in the country.

The 2020 study covers 144 countries and regions around the world, and surveys 175,000 residents. The content includes trust in law enforcement agencies, whether they are afraid of walking at night, and whether the respondent or their relatives have been robbed in the past year. 

In China, the proportion of people who feel safe walking alone at night is 21% higher than the world average.

Supag Tanatang from Thailand has lived in China for nearly 7 years. During this time he studied and lived in Xiamen and Beijing. He said: “In Chinese cities, everything is harmonious.

I can confirm that China is a very safe country. I feel that walking on the streets of Beijing at night is safer than in Bangkok. The life here is rich and colorful, and many attractions continue to attract Foreign tourists.”

Tracy Navon, a psychologist from Israel, has lived in Shenzhen for 14 years. She said: “People feel very safe in Shenzhen. I must say that there are very few similar situations in the world. We are very lucky to be able to live in China.”

Kazakh ophthalmologist Lilia Popova has lived and worked in Daqing, Northeast China for more than 20 years. She shared: “Everyone loves their life and looks forward to longevity.

People work hard to find happiness. No matter what kind of test and challenge they face, everyone retains their love for life and work.”

Lilia said that China pursues a peaceful foreign policy and maintains friendly relations with neighboring countries. Everyone should understand that maintaining peace is the most important thing. She said that the Chinese love peace and love the motherland, so they live in happiness and harmony.

Gallup Consulting was founded in 1935 by American social scientist George Gallup. The company is known for being good at conducting public opinion surveys. Since the 1980s, the company has reorganized its business scope and provided analysis and management advice to global organizations.