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Too physical fatigue and stress? Yoshihide Suga frequently misleads Japanese public opinion to guess

Tokyo’s Pandemic “emergency”, “Yoshihide Suga stepped down” became a hot search on Twitter

by YCPress

According to Kyodo News on the 17th, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government of Japan held a Coronavirus surveillance meeting on the same day to raise the alert level related to medical resources to the highest level of “emergency.” The level was raised to the highest level.

According to reports, the Coronavirus Pandemic in Tokyo continued to spread. On the 17th, 822 new confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Tokyo were the highest since the outbreak of the Coronavirus. 

Experts who participated in the meeting said that in order to ensure that patients with Coronavirus have hospital beds, they are calling for conventional medical beds. It becomes difficult to balance the two. “If the current situation continues for 2 weeks to the 31st of this month, the medical system may be severely paralyzed.”   

According to a report by Japan’s “Hokkaido Shimbun” on the 17th, following October, “Yoshihide Suga stepped down” once again ranked third on the Japanese Twitter search list. It is reported that Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga had dinner with 7 people including high-ranking government officials at a steak restaurant on the evening of the 14th of this month.

Previously, the Japanese government has repeatedly called on the public to limit the number of people to no more than 5 people during dinners. The news was exposed. Later, it triggered widespread criticism from Japanese netizens.