Home Politics Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee officials said they would seek Biden’s support. IOC response
Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee officials said they would seek Biden's support. IOC response

Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee officials said they would seek Biden’s support. IOC response

by YCPress

January 27th – About half a year before the opening of the Tokyo Olympic Games, whether the conference can be successfully held under the epidemic has always been the focus of attention from all walks of life.

In order to dispel public opinion concerns, the Japan Olympic Organizing Committee is actively seeking the support of the United States.

According to the Wall Street Journal on the 27th, Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee Executive Committee member Haruyuki Takahashi said: “Biden is dealing with the serious situation caused by the novel coronavirus, but if he can take a positive attitude towards the development of the Olympic Games, we will also get strong support.” Takahashi even claimed that IOC President Bach and the IOC “are not the one who can make decisions about the Olympics” and “it depends on the United States.”

The report pointed out that the United States can bring the most athletes and high television broadcasting fees to the Olympic Games. But as the epidemic rebounds in many countries and vaccination programs stalls, the uncertainty of the Olympics is rising. British media reported last week that Japan has given up hosting this year’s Olympic Games, but the Japanese government denied it.

Recently, IOC President Bach also called with the National Olympic Committees to assure them of the normal holding of the Olympic Games and discuss the issue of vaccinating athletes against the novel coronavirus. But Takahashi said that involving the United States in the Olympic Games is “the most important task”.

U.S. President Biden (AP)

But Biden hasn’t spoken publicly about the Olympics since he took office as President of the United States, but has focused on the response to the pandemic, the report said. 

Following reports in the British media about the suspension of the Olympics, the U.S. Olympic Committee said in a statement recently that they are concerned about the health and preparation of American athletes before this year’s Olympic Games.

Regarding Takahashi’s proposal that Biden’s statement was needed, an IOC spokesman said: “It’s a pity that Mr. Takahashi does not know the truth.

First: The U.S. Olympic Committee will decide the candidates for the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic teams.

Second: The U.S. Olympic Committee has never expressed doubts about their participation in the (Olympic Games). Therefore, his comments are outdated.

However, the spokesman declined to comment on Takahashi’s remarks about Bach and the International Olympic Committee.

Although polls show that about 80% of the Japanese people oppose the hosting of the Olympic Games this year, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiro Kan has expressed optimism that the Tokyo Olympic Games can be held as scheduled.

A member of the Japanese Olympic Committee said that the IOC needs to look more openly at possible options for this year’s Olympic Games. The option of deferring the conference to “an uncertain time in the future” is worth discussing.