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Today, the most spoken word in Americans

by YCPress

“This is a moment of great shame in our country.” Late at night on the 6th, U.S. time, former U.S. President Obama expressed his position on the violence in the Capitol.

He used the word “shame” (shame, shame).

This word seems heavy, but to some extent, it has become the emotional keyword that has swept the whole United States in the past 12 hours.

From the moment of the fall of the Capitol, the scenes of scanning the global Internet have shocked, shocked, frustrated, angry countless American people…

All kinds of complex moods repeatedly collide and intercourse. Stack, and finally compound into this particularly “not American” word: shame.

Almost at the same time as Obama’s voice, an American netizen also tweeted bluntly: “I’ve never been ashamed to be an American ashamed as I do today.”

Facts have proved that he is not the first, nor the only, let alone the last American who thinks so.

On Twitter, he can brush a similar post almost every few seconds: As an American, when he receives photos from friends from other countries, he really feels lost his face, and he can’t help but think he is An American feels ashamed…

When a netizen asked on social media: If you are ashamed of being an American today, please raise your hand.

The tweet ended up with 220,000 likes, 40,000 retweets and over 9,000 almost overwhelmingly favorable comments.

As for why you are “disgraceful”, you may still be afraid of the “laughter” and “eyes” of netizens from other countries.

For example, some netizens sighed: I know it’s a little crazy to say that my country is the greatest country at this time, but I feel ashamed to be laughed at by other countries.

Some netizens said bluntly: I knew that there must be many countries laughing at us while eating melons…

Of course, this worry is not superfluous. Just look at the reports of the major media on the scene of Capitol Hill in the past ten hours.

The former presidents are heartbroken, world leaders are stunned, and netizens around the world eat melons overnight.

Even his former brother, Indian Prime Minister Modi, can’t help coming out of Versailles: Sad It’s so sad…

These global expressions will probably be capitalized when converted into language: America, you also have today!

In some countries that have always been at odds with the United States, the media are even more sarcastic.

Among them, Russian media @Russia RT “fired” on Weibo like this: a gunshot from the January Revolution (meaning the “fall” of the United States Huishan) sent the United States…

Some Middle Eastern countries that used to be bullied by the United States are more ruthless.

For example, Lebanese diplomats said bluntly: If the United States sees what the United States has done in the United States, the United States will invade the United States and liberate the United States from its tyranny.

Every word is like slapping in the face.

But the most ruthless is American netizens:

After hearing more than one media say that this is the most shameful day in American history, we may not read the same history book.

It is no exaggeration to say that the United States was built on the work of stolen land by stolen labor.

It is the history full of lies that has brought us to where we are today.