Home World Time announces Person of the Year, Trump’s performance this time is very abnormal!
Time announces Person of the Year, Trump's performance this time is very abnormal!

Time announces Person of the Year, Trump’s performance this time is very abnormal!

by YCPress

In this world, there is no harm without comparison.

Alas, Trump lost to Biden again. Although he is still an important candidate for Time’s Person of the Year, yesterday’s results were announced, and the final Person of the Year is still his old opponent Biden.

Interestingly, in the past, the person of the year was usually only one person, but this year’s cover has never been given to two people – Biden and his deputy Harris.

Time, what on earth do you want to say?

Biden immediately tweeted his gratitude, but Trump must be very unhappy. He has done so much this year and lost to Biden again.

What’s abnormal is that Biden is warmly celebrating such hot-searched news, and Trump actually didn’t say a word.

Silence, silence. If you don’t break out in silence, you will perish in silence!

Trump should hold down his anger. Because he is not rated as the Person of the Year, this is still the first level; deeper, if you compare the past four presidents carefully, Trump will undoubtedly think that he has been seriously “unfairly” treated.

The contrast effect is very strong.

Because the past four presidents have become Time’s Person of the Year after being elected.

In the 2000 election, George W. Bush came to power and became Time’s Person of the Year that year.

In the 2008 election, Obama came to power and became Time’s Person of the Year that year.

In the 2016 election, Trump came to power and became Time’s Person of the Year that year.

In the 2020 election, Biden took office and became Time’s Person of the Year.

The four cover of the year is roughly the same, but you can take a closer look and see what the way comes?

Taoism is still very deep, at least two interesting points:

1. It’s also the Person of the Year, but the cover comments are very different.

Neutral for George W. Bush: President-elect George W. Bush.

Obama didn’t have any words, and replaced it with a beautiful portrait.

Praise Biden even more. Biden and Harris have changed the American story!

Trump alone, next to note: Donald Trump, President of the United States of the Divide.

Please note that it is not the “United States”, but the “Secession”!

No wonder Trump was angry. I remember that Trump was very angry at that time and scolded Time magazine: I was just elected and I haven’t officially come to power. “Why did I become the president of a secession?”

2. The same president, the layout language is different.

The biggest attraction is the treatment of the “M” word in TIME.

George W. Bush’s head completely covered M.

Obama’s forehead is white M, which basically does not affect.

Biden and Harris cover, M carefully avoids either person and puts it between the two.

Trump is the only one, his head, just below M.

Please note that it is completely directly below. According to the analysis of many American friends, it is like Trump has two corners.

In the West, what does a long horn mean?

In Hollywood movies, this is the image of a devil!

Don’t think it’s just a coincidence. What is layout language?

The old-qualified Time is really not vegetarian.

In fact, in the past few years, all kinds of blackness against Trump have been the master of Time.

The huge Trump head is full of the whole cover. The first four of the president’s five options are scolding Trump. They have all been elected, that is, Trump can become president if he does not elect.

There are also group-picture covers, the first cover, Trump stick ice, Meltdown. Meaning, you know.

A few months later, the second cover, Total Meltdown.

The first cover of the Storm series, the storm hit the White House, and the title is “Nothing to see here”.

On the second cover, Trump is still the same Trump, but not to mention that he can’t see it, the storm simply flooded the whole White House.

And there is no Trump cover. When “Russia” was making a scene in 2017, the animation cover: The White House of the United States was gradually swallowed up by Kremlin red…

You know what it means.

Also, Trump looked in the mirror and showed who was the king in his heart.

Well, and this cover of this year, the coronavirus is around Trump, and the waves have devoured the White House…

Look at him drifting with the tide, which can be flooding.

Alas, no wonder that Biden was named Time Person of the Year this year, and immediately said: I am honored and grateful. Four years ago, Trump became the Person of the Year, but he was so angry that you were too mean (snarky) in Time.